🌱 LI Music & Entertainment Hall of Fame Grand Opening + Photo Gallery

Hello everyone. Debora Whitehead here with her Wednesday edition of the Three Village Daily. Read on for everything press-ready about what’s happening on site, including updates on:

  • Long Island Music and Entertainment Hall of Fame opens this month!
  • Stony Brook Hospital recognized for reduce emissions.
  • photo gallery our Community Veteran Day event and more!

But first today’s weather:

Airy; rain tomorrow. High: 52, Low: 36.

Here are the top stories in Three Village today:

  1. The Long Island Music and Entertainment Hall of Fame will be inaugurated on November 25th. A significant number of rare artifacts and objects once owned by singers such as Billy Joel, Debbie Gibson and others are on display. The venue is on Stony Brook Main Street. (patch)
  2. Stony Brook Hospital has been recognized for its efforts to reduce emissions. The institution is now part of the Pledge To Decarbonize Health Care Sector, which aims to meet White House climate targets to reduce emissions by fifty percent by 2030. (patch)
  3. Photo gallery: Members of the Setauket community attended the Veterans Day celebration held at Veterans Memorial Park on Route 25A. Click on the link to see photos of the event. (TBR News Media)

Today in Dreidorf:

  • History Honors Society book sale -Stony Brook University. (9 am)
  • Parent-Child Workshop – Emma Clark Memorial Library. (9:30 am)
  • Jazz concert and jam session in the jazz loft. (19 o’clock)

From my notebook:

  • Residents of Bohemia speak of a unique visitor who appeared on Louis Kossuth Avenue and Maddison Street. A bear was caught on camera Monday night. When the police arrived at the scene, the bear was gone! (LI News12)
  • On Sunday, mark the Three Village Electric Parade on your calendar. December 11 at 5 p.m The pre-parade fun takes place at 4:00pm at the Setauket Fire Station. The event will light up our streets with fun decorated vehicles that will β€œmarch” through the neighborhood. (Three Villages Chamber of Commerce via social media)
  • “The cyberattack that virtually crippled Suffolk County’s web-based applications in September was preceded by a series of incidents that highlighted the system’s vulnerabilities and potential intruders, prompting some department heads to advocate greater security, according to a report.” (patch)

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