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Biden slams GOP as Trump urges voters to reject Democrats

YONKERS, NY (AP) — President Joe Biden has lashed out at Republicans across the country as a stand-up voter who revels in political violence. His predecessor, Donald Trump, urged voters to oppose “rising left-wing tyranny.” Both held rallies for key candidates in their parties the last Sunday before Tuesday’s midterm elections that could shift the balance of power in Washington. More than 41 million people voted early in races that will determine control of Congress and key governorships. Republicans are optimistic about a big night, but Democrats predict they will spring an upset while arguing the nation’s democracy is at stake.

Kyiv is preparing for a winter without heating, water and electricity

Kyiv, Ukraine (AP) – The mayor of Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital, is warning residents to brace for the worst this winter if Russia continues to attack the country’s energy infrastructure. Vitali Klitschko says that he cannot rule out the possibility that the residents will get by without electricity, water or heating in the freezing cold. He said Ukrainian workers are doing everything they can to restore services, but the public needs to prepare. Alternating power outages occurred in Kyiv and the surrounding regions on Sunday. Elsewhere, Russian forces stepped up strikes in the hotly contested eastern province of Donetsk. The region’s governor says the strikes almost completely destroyed the power plants that supply the town of Bakhmut and the nearby town of Soledar.

Banned book lesson pushes Oklahoma teachers into campaign

NORMAN, Okla. (AP) – A high school English teacher from Norman, Oklahoma, wanted to spark a discussion in her classroom when she covered her bookshelves with butcher paper and a sign that read, “Books the state doesn’t want you to read.” Instead, she found herself Summer Boismier out of work and at the center of a political firestorm again. The Republican candidate for head of state even called for the suspension of Boismier’s teaching license. She and other teachers have been at the center of a renewed conservative interest in public education as a political issue. The movement has expanded, with some people focusing on issues they say clash with conservative values ​​— like teaching about social justice , gender, race and history.

Just before the midterms, clergymen hold classes in politics and civics

US faith leaders squeezed in some closing messages about the midterm elections during their weekend services. Some took passionate positions on contentious issues such as immigration and abortion. Others pleaded for an easing of the political polarization tearing apart their communities and their nation. Among those expressing such sentiments is David Wolpe, a rabbi of a politically diverse Los Angeles congregation. Wolpe says that there is not just one side God favors; He wants people in his community and beyond to realize that no single political party has all the right answers.

The ship refuses to leave the Italian port until all the migrants are gone

CATANIA, Sicily (AP) – The captain of a migrant rescue ship run by charities has refused Italian orders to leave a Sicilian port after authorities refused to let 35 migrants disembark. Italy’s new far-right government is targeting foreign-flagged rescue ships. The Humanity 1 was ordered to leave the port of Catania on Sunday after 144 rescued migrants disembarked. Among them were women with children, more than 100 unaccompanied minors and people with medical emergencies. The German charity that operates the ship said the captain refused “until all the survivors rescued from distress have disembarked”. Another ship carrying 572 rescued migrants arrived in port for the same screening process, but two other ships carrying hundreds of refugees are still at sea.

Warnock, Walker gets personal in Georgia’s closing arguments

ATLANTA (AP) — Georgia Sen. Raphael Warnock is stepping up his criticism of Republican Senate nominee Herschel Walker ahead of Election Day to say the prominent athlete is fundamentally unfit for Capitol Hill. Warnock’s postponement comes after he avoided direct attacks on Walker, instead trying to portray his work on Capitol Hill as non-partisan and good for all Georgians. Walker’s final argument is what he’s been saying for months: that Warnock is a hallmark of President Joe Biden and the Democrats. The Georgia contest is among the most competitive Senate battles and could help decide which party will control the Senate for the final two years of Biden’s tenure.

Musk threatens to boot impersonators from Twitter accounts

BOSTON (AP) — Elon Musk says Twitter will permanently ban any account impersonating someone else. The social media platform’s new owner issued the alert on Sunday after some celebrities changed their Twitter display names – not their account names – to “Elon Musk” in response to the billionaire’s decision to keep all comers verified for 8 months to offer accounts. Comedian Kathy Griffin had her account suspended on Sunday for changing her display name to Musk’s. Actress Valerie Bertinelli did the same before switching it back to her real name. But first, she released a series of tweets in support of Democratic candidates.

The last total lunar eclipse in three years comes on Tuesday

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) – This week’s total lunar eclipse is the last in three years. Tuesday’s total lunar eclipse will be visible across North America in the early hours of the morning. Asia, Australia and the rest of the Pacific can catch it after sunset. Totality will last almost 1 1/2 hours as Earth passes directly between the moon and sun. The so-called Blood Moon will appear red in the light of Earth’s sunsets and sunrises. At the peak of the eclipse, the moon will be more than 242,000 miles away. The next total lunar eclipse will not occur until 2025.

AP Top 25: Georgia has No. 1 on suspension, ‘Bama falls to No. 10

Georgia has cemented its No. 1 spot in The Associated Press’s college football poll. TCU climbed to 4th and Alabama dropped to 10th. The Bulldogs had their strongest assist of the season after mishandling Tennessee in a 1-2 match. Georgia received 62 of 63 first place votes from the media panel in the AP Top 25 presented by Regions Bank. No. 2 Ohio State received the other first place vote. Michigan moved up a spot to No. 3 and TCU jumped three spots to its highest rank since the end of the 2017 season. Tennessee, No. 5, fell three spots after losing en route to becoming the defending champion.

Bucs’ Tom Brady passes for 100,000 yards to make career

TAMPA, Fla. (AP) — Tom Brady became the first player in NFL history to throw for more than 100,000 yards, surpassing the milestone of a 15-yard completion for Leonard Fournette in the fourth quarter of Sunday’s game between the Tampa Bay and Buccaneers Los Angeles Rams. Entering the matchup of the last two Super Bowl champions, the league career leader needed 164 yards to hit a plateau the 45-year-old quarterback admitted no one thought possible when he was in the sixth round entered the NFL draft pick in 2000.

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