Bensinger Technology introduces virtual desktop offering

NEW YORK, Nov. 16, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Bensinger Technology, a trusted provider of advisory and managed IT services to legal and other professional services firms, announces the launch of its virtual desktop offering. Bensinger’s virtual desktop solution is available as part of its comprehensive managed IT service or as a standalone option for organizations managing their own security or applications.

Virtual desktops offer several advantages over traditional workstations, most notably greater user convenience and improved security, especially in hybrid work environments. The security and management benefits of virtual desktops have long been recognized by large organizations that could afford the infrastructure investments previously required to install and maintain them. Today, the cost of virtual desktops is comparable to that of traditional computing workstations, but more scalable as organizations only pay for users that are needed. No longer requiring large upfront investments, companies of all sizes can now reap their benefits.

Bensinger Technology’s virtual desktop offering includes the setup, security and configuration of a full Windows PC hosted in Microsoft’s secure cloud data center, accessible anywhere, anytime and from any internet-connected device. Customers pay flat monthly pricing without having to purchase high-end hardware for each user.

“Several Bensinger customers have already upgraded to our virtual desktop solution to prioritize security and simplify their IT operations,” said David Bensinger, CEO of Bensinger Technology. “One client, a law firm with 30+ employees, was originally set up remotely but recently transitioned the attorneys and law firm staff to virtual desktops as part of moving to a new office and migrating to a hybrid work environment. Most had previously used virtual desktops, having come from a larger law firm to start this new firm, and were keen to use them again. After a smooth implementation, the company is enjoying all the benefits of virtual desktops that everyone was already used to.”

Virtual desktops are an easy-to-manage alternative to traditional desktops that store applications and files locally. Instead, a virtual desktop is a fully functional Windows 10 or 11 PC, but with everything hosted and backed up in the cloud. Security is enhanced by reducing the risk associated with theft, improper physical access, or damage. Using a virtual desktop is as easy as opening a web browser and logging into a remote desktop, and most who upgrade to virtual desktops find the transition very quick and easy.

About Bensinger Technology
Bensinger Technology provides law firms and other organizations with consulting and governance services with responsive and efficient IT security, infrastructure and support. Bensinger’s virtual desktop offering modernizes IT with a simple, streamlined and secure cloud solution, improves compliance and delivers a new standard for technology operations. Customers gain security and a sense of confidence in the security and reliability of their IT infrastructure when working with Bensinger. Visit for more information.

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