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Vizio 65 inch P Series Smart TV

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Vizio initially made a reputation for offering televisions at very affordable prices. However, in recent years they have risen to compete with other brands also because of their quality. Companies like Sony and Samsung might still make the best TVs out there, but it’s hard to beat a Vizio in terms of value for money. And while they still offer great budget TVs, they now also make excellent OLED sets that cost less than their competitors. So if you’re looking for a new TV (or looking to add a second TV), Vizio is a great brand to consider if you don’t want to break the bank.

The best Vizio TVs

What to consider

TVs come in many sizes and price points these days, with a range of features to consider. But since we’re only talking about Vizio TVs here, that helps narrow the field down considerably. All Vizio TVs use the Smartcast streaming platform and come with the company’s WatchFree app, which includes 150 free channels. And the company has grouped its offerings into five series: D, V, M, P and OLED, each of which is higher quality (and more expensive). So if you know your budget and what size you need, your choice is almost made for you. However, there are a few things you should consider before making a purchase.


While you may be tempted to buy the biggest TV you can afford, choosing the right TV size is actually a science. (And maybe you’d rather spend your money on picture quality than just screen real estate.) As a rule of thumb, the size of your TV should be half the viewing distance. So if your sofa is 10 feet (120 inches) from the TV, get a 60-inch TV. A TV that is too big can overwhelm your room, while a TV that is too small may not provide you with an optimal viewing experience.

picture quality

With Vizio offering 4K TVs at exceptional prices, you probably won’t consider the 1080p D-Series TVs unless you want a smaller, more affordable set as a second TV. But features other than resolution (like HDR) also contribute to image quality. In general you get what you pay for and if you have the budget an OLED offers significantly better quality than an LED set.

To play

If you intend to use your TV for gaming, you should be sure that your TV is ready for it. First, look for a 120Hz refresh rate (as opposed to 60Hz), which will help reduce lag time. Many of the Vizio sets we recommend also have gaming-focused features, like AMD FreeSync, that help ensure smooth gameplay.

As we have chosen

We looked at a wide range of reviews from reputable sources like Reviewed, Lifewire and Tom’s Guide to find the best Vizio TVs on the market today. Below is a selection of TVs in different sizes and prices to meet different needs and budgets so you can find the one that’s right for you.

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