Betsgiving: VSiN Thanksgiving Sports Betting Contest

This article originally appeared on VSiN: bets: Thanksgiving Sports Betting Contest

This November offers one of the most enticing sporting events in betting history. To get in the mood, VSiN is introducing “Betting” from November 24th to 28th and the betting experts at VSiN will be vying for bragging rights. VSiN fans can witness VSiN talent compete through DraftKing’s social betting groups.

The agreed game menu includes the biggest rivals of the NFL, the World Cup (USA-England) and college football. Results are tracked based on eight (theoretical) $100 bets over the course of five days, beginning with the traditional Thanksgiving NFL roster. 18 teams and individuals from across the VSiN will compete, with the winning team taking home the championship belt. No real money bets will be placed – bets are placed for entertainment purposes only.

Len Mead, General Manager of VSiN commented, “I have told the team not to be overly concerned about the results of this competition being reflected in their employment records. But honestly, I think they all know the truth.”


  • All lines are from DraftKings Sportsbook
  • Single result bets only
  • No alternate spreads
  • All bets are hypothetical $100

Games to choose from:

  • Thu, 24.11: Each of the 3 NFL games
  • Fri, 25.11.: USA-England (Any available market)
  • Sat, 26.11: Any of the 3 identified rivalry matches
  • Sun, 27.11: 3 NFL games (1 side, 1 total, 1 ML)
  • Mon, 28.11: Ind-Pitt (1 side, 1 column)

Select due dates

  • Nov 23 at 8:59 p.m – Selection for November 24th and 25th
  • Nov 25 at 8:59 p.m – Selection for November 26th and 27th
  • Until Kickoff, November 28th: Picks for MNF

Fans can follow the leaderboard throughout the week on this page.

For entertainment purposes, VSiN’s partners at Circa Sportsbook have set odds on who they think will win the Betsgiving tournament. Mitch Moss and Pauly Howard (Follow the Money), fresh from their win at VSiN’s summer MLB betting contest, are the favorites. Fan favorite and popular voice Bill Adee (aka “Bill @ VSiN”) has the best shot.

“Mitch and Pauly won the last competition so we felt it made a lot of sense to establish them as decent favorites,” said Jeff Benson, operations director of Circa Sportsbook. “Led by the well-loved Gill Alexander and a few others, it looks like this year’s Betsgiving will be a very close affair between all parties.”

“Having won last summer’s VSiN Baseball Betting Pentathlon, Pauly and I see this as an opportunity to extend our championship reign,” said Moss. “In doing so, we see no reason not to completely crush the hopes and dreams of the rest of the VSiN talent roster and cement our position as the smartest, most talented and, let’s just say it, most attractive VSiN Hosts. I believe the opening lines have been well laid out by the Circa odds makers.”


  • Follow the Money (Mitch Moss, Pauly Howard) +700
  • A Numbers Game (Gill Alexander) +950
  • Matt Youman’s +1100
  • Jonathan von Tobel +1100
  • The Lombardi Line (Michael Lombardi, Patrick Meagher) +1200
  • VSiN Primetime (Tim Murray, Shaun King) +1200
  • VSiN Final Countdown (Matt Brown, Stormy Buonantony) +1300
  • Adam Burke +1300
  • Pro Soccer Podcast (Danny Burke, Mike Palm) +1400
  • Josh Appelbaum +1500
  • VSiN Big Bets (Dave Ross, Amal Shah) +1500
  • Dave Tuley +1600
  • Per Football Blitz (Brady Kannon, Mike Pritchard) +1750
  • VSiN Live bet tonight (Femi Abebefe, Wes Reynolds) +1800
  • Steve Makinen +1800
  • Live bet Saturday (Ben Wilson, Jeff Parles) +1900
  • The Greg Peterson Experience +2000
  • Bill @ VSiN (Bill Adee) +2000

“If everyone who’s ever asked me for help logging into contributes their advice on my Betsgiving picks, I’m sure we can beat the odds,” Adee said. “Also I probably deserve the long odds after calling Betsgiving assistant oddsmaker Mike Palm in the morning email about his recent winning streak.”

If you have them DK sports betting App you can follow the tips, the wins and the losses – plus the trash talk – on DK Social under Betting Groups.

DK Social Betting Groups allow anyone to form small, private groups with friends, neighbors, other random customers or anyone else and any bets made by members of the group will be shown in real time as they are made within the group. Users can chat and track their wins/losses and a point value for bets made within the group.


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