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Kennedy Webb and West Valley’s Kendall Moore were named Player of the Year in their respective CBBN sports this fall. The Yakima Herald-Republic will publish its Fall Sports Honor Roll in the Wednesday November 23 print edition. Here are the full CBBN volleyball and girls’ soccer all-league teams:


Teammate of the Year: Kennedy Webb, Sr., West Valley and Ashton McMahon, Sr., Wenatchee.

Coach of the Year: Marni McMahon, Wenatchee.


UH: Shaela Allen-Greggs, Sr., Davis; Lily Kinloch, Sr., West Valley. MH: Kailey Willsey, so., Davis; Maren Stuber, so., Wenatchee. RS: Paytan Andrews Jr., Moses Lake. S: Eva Jo Berry, so., Wenatchee; Lexi Barbee, Sr., West Valley. L/DS: Emily Strong, Sr., West Valley.


OH: Keira Demirjian, so., Wenatchee; Tori Wolsborn, Sr., Eastmont. MB: Emma Bennett, Sr., Eastmont; Kaitlyn Leaverton, Jr., West Valley. S: Evelin Rodriguez, Sr., Eisenhower; Elise Baier Jr., Wenatchee. L/DS: Jazlynn Torres Sr., Moses Lake.


UH: Emily Anderson, Sr., Sunnyside; Litzy Carillo, Sr., Davis. MB: Alivia Colbert, Fr., Eisenhower; Emilia Gonzalez, Sr., West Valley. S: Jansyn Carrizales, Sr., Sunnyside; Kathleen Velasquez-Ledezma, Sr., Davis. L/DS: Heather Barbee, so., West Valley; Mya Morales, so., Sunnyside.


Offensive Player of the Year: Kendall Moore, Sr., West Valley (midfield).

Co-Defensive Player of the Year: Ashlyn Valdovinos, Sr., West Valley (defender) and Anastasia Jarecki, Sr., Wenatchee (GK).

Coach of the Year: Noe Gutierrez, Eisenhower.


Forward: Jes Lizotte, Jr., West Valley; Liliana Johnson Jr., Eastmont; Anna Ribellia, Sr., Moses Lake; Piper Davidson Jr., Wenatchee. Midfield: Bailey Steiner Jr., West Valley; Esperanza Haro, Jr., Eisenhower; Paige Fischer, Jr., Eastmont; Talia Hurst, Sr., Wenatchee. Defense Attorneys: Bella Rotondo, So., West Valley; Grace Kunz, Sr., Wenatchee; Natalie Boles Jr., Wenatchee.


Forward: Alexia Lee, Sr., Eisenhower; Bianca Osorio, Jr., Sunnyside; Bella Huberdeau, Sr., Moses Lake; Masyn Heggem, Sr., Wenatchee. Midfield: Arlene Mendez, Sr., Davis; Isabella Diehm, above, Eisenhower; Kaitlyn Rudick Jr., West Valley; Gigi Doucette, so., West Valley; Kylee Maytrychit Jr., Eastmont. Defense Attorneys: Alyssa Lee Jr., Eisenhower; Joelee Green, Sr., Moses Lake; Anna Klinkenberg, Sr., Eastmont; Kylee Weems, Sr., Eastmont. GK: Alexis Torres Jr., Davis.


Midfield: Navaeh Lopez Jr., Eisenhower. Defense Attorney: Annie Rosales, So., Davis; Julie Covarrubias Jr., Davis; Alexxus Ramos, Sr., Sunnyside; Jessica Marin, Sr., Sunnyside; Laura Gonzalez, Sun., Sunnyside. GK: Taylor Poor, Sr., West Valley.


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