Collect The Treasure Genshin Impact

Collect The Treasure Genshin Impact. Part of these achievements can be obtained through the exploration of the chasm area which has been long closed to the public until recently, as well as by completing certain tasks while fighting field bosses and enemies. Open up the chest, and you will find a key inside.

Genshin Impact Treasure Lost, Treasure Found Walkthrough from

Use the central teleport waypoint and go slightly. The quest is designed to reveal the history. When you open the chest and collect all the rewards within, it completes the and this treasure goes to quest in genshin impact.

Open The Treasure Chest To Complete The Quest.

On the eastern side of the water, you will come across a woman named alrani held captive in a large cage. The chest also has an item required to complete the nameless treasure quest in genshin impact. There will also be enhancement ores inside and some other loot.

And You Need To Collect 8 Electro Particles Within 40 Seconds.

The quest is designed to reveal the history. Includes rewards, how to unlock, missing scholar's location & how to collect the treasure! Treasure map fragment is a quest item in genshin impact 2.6.

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And This Treasure Goes To.

Given below are the methods that will help you collect the underwater treasures. Unfortunately, our character lacks diving skills because most of the game is played on the land. All tips & tricks guides.

Where To Sell Nameless Treasures.

Even though genshin impact recommends players to collect 8 hints before finding the special treasure, they can simply teleport to araumi south west waypoint, and then go. Use the central teleport waypoint and go slightly. This will kick off the quest.

Once Mined, A Luxurious Treasure Chest Will Appear, And Players Will Find Some Genshin Impact Nameless Treasure Inside.

Genshin impact ancient stone tablet locations_treasure lost treasure found quest guide. Unlock the through the mist series. Where do you collect the treasure genshin impact?