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Shipments from Ukraine. day 257

As Russia’s assault on Ukraine continues and the war rages on, reliable sources of intelligence are vital. Forbes collects information and provides updates on the situation.

By Polina Rasskazova

Most recently, 7,785,514 Ukrainians had to leave their country because of the Russian invasion, according to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). From November 1, the largest number of Ukrainian refugees was registered in Poland. Since February 24, 2022, 14,853,082 Ukrainians have crossed the border from Ukraine. According to UNHCR, 4,460,847 refugees from Ukraine have registered for temporary protection or similar national protection programs in Europe. In addition, as of October 2022, 2,852,395 border crossings from Ukraine to the Russian Federation were registered.

According to new satellite images analyzed More than 1,500 new graves have turned up at a mass gravesite near Mariupol, the BBC says. Recent satellite images from Maxar show that three mass grave sites near the southern Ukrainian city of Mariupol in Staryi Krym, Manhush and Vynohradne have been growing steadily since the spring. The Center for Information Resilience analyzed the images of Staryi Krym and concluded that 1,500 new graves had been dug there since it analyzed the last images at the site in June, BBC journalists report. It now estimates that more than 4,600 graves have been dug in Staryi Krym since the war began, although the exact number of bodies buried there is unknown.

Currently, the city of Mariupol is 60-70% destroyed as a result of Russian aggression. Speaking at a joint press conference with Greek President Katerina Sakellaropoulou in Kyiv, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said it was impossible to count the number of Mariupol victims, but it was estimated that thousands to tens of thousands were dead. “We will understand what the number is and it is not calculated in units, tens or hundreds. Unfortunately, it will be about thousands and tens of thousands of people… If we de-occupy Mariupol, which will definitely happen, we will understand,” he said.

More than 1,257 Ukrainian children suffered from the Russian Federation’s widespread armed aggression. According to the Ukrainian search platform Children of War As of today, the official number of dead children is 430. More than 827 children are injured. In addition, 10,570 were deported, 260 are reported missing and 96 children were returned to their families. These numbers are not definitive due to active hostilities and temporary occupation of part of Ukraine’s territory. In addition, 2,719 educational institutions were damaged by bombing and shelling by the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. Of these, 332 were completely destroyed.

Kherson region. The Russian army left local civilian communities without power. According to the head of the Kherson regional military administration, Yaroslav Yanushevich, Russian troops blew up high-voltage power lines in the temporarily occupied town of Beryslav. In total, about one and a half kilometers of power lines were destroyed. “The city was left without power because the damage is quite extensive. It is likely that there will be no light in Beryslav until the city is fully occupied,” Yanushevich reported. The Russians also blew up high-voltage lines to Kherson as Ukrainian forces closed in on the vital city to the south. Therefore, problems with electricity supply began in the regional center and in a number of other settlements.


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