Dispatch releases a voice recording of Hook Entertainment CEO threatening to kill Lee Seung Gi

During the conflict between Lee Seung Gi and hook entertainment continues about the music comparison, a voice recording of the abuse of the CEO was released.

On November 15, Lee Seung Gi, through the law firm Pacific, sent a written request to Hook Entertainment to transparently disclose the details of the settlement related to music earnings.

Lee Seung Gi has released 137 songs and 27 albums over his 18-year singing career, but he claims he hasn’t collected a single penny from music earnings. According to the music comparison statement published by To shipLee Seung Gi earned 9.6 billion KRW (~7.2 million USD) in music revenue between October 2009 and September 2022.

Lee Seung Gi was unaware of this fact and questioned the method of calculating his music earnings after speaking to an older singer regarding the title.Ordinary man.”

On November 23, Dispatch released a voice recording of the conversation between the CEO of Hook Entertainment Kwon Jin Youngthe head of the company, and the manager of Lee Seung Gi after receiving this content certification request.

In the recording, CEO Kwon said: “He even sent an application for sales content certification. He likes to do it to get me to go all out. I will swear on my name that I will kill him. I’m going to spend the rest of my life killing that idiot, Lee Seung Gi. You go too.”

The director of the company tried to explain it to CEO Kwon, but CEO Kwon angrily continued: “Switch it. Stop it. I will kill him. I’m going to spend the rest of my life killing that idiot.”

Lee Seung Gi’s manager, who left the conference room, vented his anger to the company director and said, “I can not do this anymore. I will leave (the company). I won’t do this anymore. I worked really hard for 9 years. I got the fuck looked down and she said Lee Seung Gi was done in front of people. She would tell me to choose sides wisely. How can I proceed? work?”

Dispatch also revealed Lee Seung Gi’s manager’s statement along with the voice recording. The manager claimed that the reason why Lee Seung Gi could not dispute the billing of music revenue due to gas lighting.

Lee Seung Gi’s manager told the news outlet: “The CEO always Lee seung ignited gi with gas by telling him, “You are a minus [profit] Singer. Your fans don’t spend money, but they charge a lot. You make a lot of money doing other things. Think of being a singer as a service to the fans.” and rooted (those things) in him.”

On the other hand, regarding the suspicion of music settlement, CEO Kwon Jin Young said on November 21: “RecIn fact, negative things have come to light in the media about our company and me, and whether they are true or not, I am embarrassed. I am ashamed and sorry because it is all my fault and the result of a lack of virtue.” she further said While we are required to confirm in detail the facts of the stories that are currently being reported or pending public disclosure, we ask for your understanding that we are in the clarification phase and refrain from expressing our position if so the case is legal issues in the future. Once Hook Entertainment or I have clearly identified legal responsibility, I accept full responsibility without yielding or avoiding it. We will do our best not to interfere with our celebrity’s activities and we will be more careful not to cause further concerns.”


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