Division 2 Shd Tech Uses

Division 2 Shd Tech Uses. You can also obtain shd techs from the hidden locations and leveling up. Though for skills, you need to have the skill unlocked in the first place, while tiers within the skill can be unlocked with shd tech.

The Division 2 Federal Triangle SHD Tech Cache Locations from holdtoreset.com

Shd tech is used for unlocking new skills and perks for your character, and this can be done through the quartermaster back at the white house base of operations. What are shd tech points? Follow the marker to the location of the shd tech cache:

( You Can Unlock Perks And Skill Variations At The White House Through The Quartermaster, Who You Meet Early.

Shd tech are points that can be used to unlock certain skills or perks. Plus, finding all five shd tech locations goes towards your completion percentage. What are shd tech points?

I Still Needed To Unlock 2 Skills So I Used Them For That, Each Safe House Has Crate To Open.

Jump up onto the trailer and then onto the roof. You’ll have to solve a short spatial puzzle in order to reach them, and they’ll reward you with shd tech points and liberation. Shd tech caches in division 2 are necessary to collect for getting perk / skill points, and one of them is located in west potomac park, near the washington monument.

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But It Only Appears If You Have Released Them Or Accidentally Come Across It.

Shd tech can be earned from a quite a few different sources in the division 2, but by far the simplest way to get it is by playing through the story mode. Struggling to get your hands on shd tech? Check out best perks to unlock!

Even If You’re Not Fussed By The Story, You Can Simply Skip Through The Cutscenes As You Go, So You Might As Well Blast Through It For Some Easy Shd Tech.

The cache you collect during the mission is located in the medical tent (can’t be missed). By eli mclean · published march 16, 2019 · updated march 17, 2019. Shd tech is also used to upgrade your skills in the game, to be able to do so, you'll need to have the specific skill unlocked first.

Though For Skills, You Need To Have The Skill Unlocked In The First Place, While Tiers Within The Skill Can Be Unlocked With Shd Tech.

Shd tech points are one of the items that you’re going to use to upgrade your character in the division 2. Shd tech has numerous uses. There are five of them on this map, and they’re pretty well hidden.