Explaining EA Sports’ College Football Dynasty and Road to Glory game modes

College football is a very different beast than the NFL, and succeeding on campus means balancing football, tuition, and budding fame to achieve college greatness and become a campus legend. Coaches need to spend just as much time recruiting and branding the football program as they do for their next opponent, and those differences mean a lot of potential for the EA Sports Collegiate Football Franchise. When it returns in 2023 EA Sports Collegiate Football will highlight these unique features in the popular Dynasty and Road to Glory modes, each returning to the franchise.


Sports games are often defined by the number of modes in play and the variety of ways players can play both a single player experience and compete against other players in multiplayer competitions. Some of the best modes allow players to immerse themselves in the role of a player or coach/manager in the sport, and the Be A Pro style modes give fans the chance to build their own career with a created player, while the franchise Modes give players the chance to build a multi-season powerhouse program. in the EA Sports Collegiate Footballthe journey to campus greatness as a single player or as a legendary trainer is at the heart of the game, and Road to Glory and Dynasty are the modes that aim to make that possible.

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way to glory

Road to Glory allows players to create their own player, whom they then guide through a four-year college career in which they attempt to earn reputation points in order to become a campus legend and one of the all-time greats in college memory to stay football. Players create their player and select a position to commit to on campus for the next four seasons, then begin their careers in the high school playoffs before seeing what scholarship opportunities and depth chart positions are available at various Division I football programs are available across the country. If there are no scholarships available at the school of his choice, he can go ahead and start at the bottom of the depth chart.

Once they choose a school, players are locked out as quarterback, running back, wide receiver, or any other position they choose, and must work their way up the depth chart against actual NCAA players to become the starter. XP is earned through practice and by completing challenges, and earning more will help you achieve a better overall rating. At the same time, players must balance life off the field by dedicating time to study, social life, some rest and more in a surprisingly deep and immersive mode. Earning enough points throughout a career by hitting milestones, winning awards like the Heisman Trophy, and earning team achievements will help the player achieve Campus Legend status.

If fans prefer to control the entire team during matches and handle all game calls, then Dynasty mode is much better for them. in the EA Sports Collegiate Football‘s Dynasty mode, players become the head coach of a Division I college football program that involves much more than just playing the Saturday games. Over the course of a multi-year career, players must recruit college football’s biggest stars, manage player morale, oversee player training and development, and ensure their team of assistant coaches is of an extremely high quality. Over time, the goal is to increase a school’s star rating to attract the best types of recruits, and the best way to do that is by winning national championships.

If the new EA Sports Collegiate Football game is something like NCAA Football 14 Dynasty Mode will also have the option for an online version of Dynasty Mode, allowing fans to compete against other players in their quest for college football glory. Probably the best feature of this mode is the ability to confine all human players to one conference, adding to the intensity and ensuring players are up against their friends each season.

EA Sports Collegiate Football is under development.

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