Fairly Odd Parents Bully

Fairly Odd Parents Bully. Everyone in dimmesdale forgot about his entire existence, so wha. Posted by 5 minutes ago.

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Another overcast morning in fort sask. Francis (the fairly oddparents) vs. Chloe carmichael (fairly oddparents) chester mcbadbat;

He Was Voiced By Faith Abrahams And Later Butch Hartman.

Sillytown massachusetts dimmsdale, california smartsville, ohio witville, west virginia. Pokernatior as school bully #1. Francis is the most feared bully at dimmsdale elementary school and bullies other students who are shorter than him.

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Francis (The Fairly Oddparents) Vs.

Francis is bigger than all of the other kids. He is a school bully who always. Which one of these bullies would you bet on?

The School Bully Trick Question, There Is No Character Called Francis 5/8.

In love struck!, he ended up using cupid's arrow on himself so tootie won't feel lonely. Sure, he's got typical problems, including a bullying babysitter, an insane teacher and parents who are negligent at best, but timmy also has some resources at his disposal that the typical kid will never get to use. wishes come undone .

He's One Of Archenemies (Alongside Denzel Crocker And Vicky) As Well The School Bully Of Timmy And His Friends.

Another overcast morning in fort sask. Francis is one of the recurring antagonists in the fairly oddparents. He is a bully at dimmsdale elementary school who terrorizes timmy and his friends.

New Friend, Old Enemy (Actual) Last Appearance:

12 rows since getting fairy godparents, timmy has been able to torture the bully thoroughly, pulling him up a flagpole by his underwear and having him stung by bees. Neglectful parents, an evil and abusive babysitter, a bully,. Timmy as phineas (they're both the main characters) baby poof as ferb vicky as candace (they both scream a lot) chester as jeremy (they're both wearing green jackets and have blonde hair) trixie as isabella aj as baljieet (they're both smart) francis as buford (they're both bullies) sparky as perry the platypus mr.