Funny Autocorrect Texts From Parents

Funny Autocorrect Texts From Parents. 20 parents who are awful at text messaging. The older generation is lucky that they didn't have to deal with autocorrect!

17 Funny Texts from Parents. What They Sent Is Hilarious! from

Well, to make this acceptance a little funnier, we have just the right thing for you. Can’t wait to see you babe. That's why we're looking to some of the best family autocorrect fails to give us some.

Your Parents Are The Only Ones You Can Ask For Some Money… 7.

26 unexpected text messages only parents could send. Come share a laugh at other people’s embarrassing sms encounters with our fave autocorrect fails ever. One autocorrect mistake is funny.

That Kinda Stuff Cuts You Deep.

We have a collection of funny text messages from parents that they sent to their children, accidently or intentionally. Just be glad they didn't play around with your keyword shortcuts,. He simply cares for your family reputation!

Can’t Wait To See You Babe.

As far as funny pranks go, changing the language setting in your iphone's settings is pretty tame. This kid, whose texts are very, very direct: God, how weird it is!

33 Funniest Texts Parents Have Ever Sent To Their Kids (Pics) Updated November 24, 2018.

I wrote pringles and it autocorrected to pregnant boy: 17 kids who sent some seriously, seriously funny texts to their parents. These accidental texts caused some instant regret to their senders, and sometimes left the recipients wondering, how did i raise a child like this? word to the wise:

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However, Some Parents Learn Really Fast And Some Of These Parents Texting Have Become So Good They’re Getting A Little Cocky.

Whichever reason it may be, the outcome can vary between mildly funny and absolutely hilarious. You ever have a text fail? I am sure you must have you also sent few funny texts messages that you didn’t mean and regret later.