Genshin Impact Gusha Celi Boya

Genshin Impact Gusha Celi Boya. You will have to start by going to the bishui plain in liyue. We’ve added a new hillichurl translation.

Gusha Celi Boya in Genshin Impact
Gusha Celi Boya in Genshin Impact from

Genshin impact players will encounter two hilichurlian phrases during the seventh day of the mimi tomo event, the first of which is gusha unu boya.this is phrase is uttered by a sleepy hilichurl. Genshin impact gusha celi boya. On the fourth day of the event, that request comes from a restless hilichurl, and he is looking for some gusha celi boya. for those genshin impact.

You Are Reading :Genshin Impact How To Find ‘Gusha Celi Boya’ (& What It Is) Genshin Impact’s “Mimi Tomo” Event Expands Upon The Story Of Ella Musk, Resident Hilichurlian Researcher.

We’ve added a new hillichurl translation. Hilichurlian is the most understood distinct language of teyvat. As genshin impact reaches the final stretch of its version 1.5 update, players should make sure they’re completing every event they can before time runs out.

Gusha Celi Boyagenshin Impactmimi Tomoella Muskhilichurl Extraño

Players will be tasked with deciphering hilichurl requests in exchange for information on the. By putting these translations together, players can determine that the hilichurl wants a piece of red produce. Gusha celi boya and lata boya sada are phrases you’ll have to decipher for genshin impact hilichurl event day 4.

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Genshin impact gusha celi boya: Genshin impact gusha celi boya. Welcome to the honey impact, genshin impact database and guides website.

Players Will Have To Work Side By Side With Ella Musk To Communicate With Hilichurls And Give Them Their Requested Item Before Defeating The Unusual Hilichurl The Event Is Centered.

You can complete genshin impact gusha celi boya mission following this video. Follow the location that is marked. The fourth day of the mimi tomo event has arrived, and more translations are required to help the hilichurls and obtain information from them.

Mimi Tomo Is An Event For Genshin Impact Featuring The Unusual Hilichurl.

Gusha celi boya genshin impact. Players will win primogems and attractive decorations for their serenitea pot if they track down the unusual hilichurl. The “mimi tomo” event lets players communicate directly with hilichurls alongside hilichurlian researcher ella musk.

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