Genshin Impact Noctilucous Jade Location

Genshin Impact Noctilucous Jade Location. View more detail of this item and how to get it here. As with any ore in genshin impact, you aren’t guaranteed a specific amount, but you will get between one and three jade from each node broken.

Noctilucous Jade Location Map & Where To Get Genshin from

It is a special mineral that glitters during nighttime. Noctilucous jade is dropped by noctilucous jade nodes, which are found at the base of cliffs and in caves and mines. Farming jade in genshin impact

According To The Description Of The Jade, It’s A Local Specialty Of Liyue.

Above is a map with all the known locations of noctilucous jade. As mentioned earlier, it comes under the local speciality category as the players can find this only in liyue. It is a special mineral that glitters during nighttime.

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Below Is An Overview Of All The Noctilucous Jade Locations Across Liyue.

Among the game’s farmable materials, the noctilucous jade is a rare mineral that glimmers in the dark found in the liyue region, and in this guide, we will discuss all its locations in genshin impact and its future applications. Noctilucous jade is a local specialty found in the wild all over liyue. Use a geo user or a productive farm.

This Mission Will Be Given To You By The Npc Bao’er.

You can effortlessly increase your. At any given moment, a total of 46 noctilucous jade can exist in a genshin impact world at a given moment, excluding the jade. Some time ago, these vast mining grounds in the caverns were shut down.

It’s Also Found In Caves But The Recommended Place Is Mingyun Village.

Noctilucous jade located in liyue caves and mingyun village. If you're after noctilucous jade for your upgrades, character ascensions, and the big business quest you. You can buy all 5 noctilucous jade from him for a total of 5000 mora and recheck his stock every three days.

Here’s How You Can Find Noctilucous Jade (Location) In Genshin Impact.

So you should only look around liyue. If you’re looking to farm noctilucous jade you, thankfully, have a few locations to check out. By far the largest deposit can be found around mingyun village in the shadows of dragonspire.