Genshin Impact Time And The Wind

Genshin Impact Time And The Wind. Genshin impact time and the wind quest has a lot of players struggling due to its cumbersome tasks. Near the sundial you will find a small red tent as shown below.

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We've got the unlock location to get to the secret island, guide on how to uncover the secret of the uninhabited island, and the quest walkthrough and rewards in this guide! Time and the wind quest guide. “time and the wind” will present up for any gamers who trek over to the island in jap mondstadt.

Time And The Wind Is A Hidden Quest In Genshin Impact That Invites Players To Investigate The Mysterious Ruins Located On The Nameless Island.

Time and wind is a world quest in genshin impact. To start the time and the wind secret quest in genshin impact, approach the large, broken dial that dominates the area, and interact with it. Check out how to complete this quest in genshin impact here.

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Then Change The Time To 2 Am Again.

In genshin affect, there’s a quest that solely seems when you arrive on a particular unmarked island. The time and wind world quest begins on an unknown island in mondstadt. The last thing you can find on the genshin impact secret island is a sundial with markings on it referencing the wind and light.

Time And Wind Is A Secret Quest That Unlocks By Interacting With The “Ravaged Carving” Statue On An Island In The Ocean.

It tasks you with finding a number of wind orbs on an island off the coast of starsnatch cliff. After taking out the eye, the quest is complete. “time and the wind” will show up for.

Near The Sundial You Will Find A Small Red Tent As Shown Below.

Here's how to observe the shadow on the sundial in genshin impact, which will allow you to complete the difficult time and wind quest. This quest is recommended for those level 40 and above. The “time and the wind” quest can be activated by interacting with the ruins located on a hidden island off the eastern coast of the genshin impact’s mainland.

Change The Time To 2Am~5Am:

As they explore the world of genshin impact , players are certain to encounter many secrets scattered through the land of teyvat. How to complete the time and wind quest in genshin impact location of the time and wind quest in genshin impact. Interact with it to receive some clues.