How Cybersport is Useful: Key Points

Children play computer games. This circumstance worries many parents because it is more difficult for a child to control himself – and therefore more easily to become dependent on the game reality. However, there is another, professional form of gambling – cybersports.


The latest and most interesting news can be found on PlayScore, and there are broadcasts of tournaments in all eSports disciplines. What are the requirements for esports players and what useful skills and qualities do they develop?

Gambling addiction is not the same as cyber sports.

Cybersport is often understood as a form of addiction. But that’s not it. Cybersport is a well-established system of relationships, roles, and training that encompasses a person’s ability to apply athletic skills in cyberspace.

Cybersport was declared an official sport discipline in 2016, a full-fledged sport that differs from traditional sports in shorter and smaller amplitudes of movement. A computer game in cyber sports is just as much a sporting competition as a chess tournament or a tennis match.

Professional cyber athletes clearly understand the difference between game and reality: after completing the game task, they stop. This is where the line between cybersport and addiction runs. If a child does not fulfill social responsibilities, their eating and sleeping patterns are disturbed, they no longer do their homework – then it makes sense to talk about addictive behavior.

Strict requirements for cybersports

To prevent cyber sports activities from becoming addictive, you need to make sure that the child is well developed:

  • willpower;
  • reflective ability;
  • Intelligence;
  • Ability to stabilize the nervous system: the child understands that play is not all of life.

When a child is sent to a sports department, it is necessary to take various tests to make sure that he can definitely play this or that sport. The same applies to cyber sports: the child should develop harmoniously, then everything will be fine.

This is what cybersport training looks like

Cybersports Training isn’t a household game that a kid turns on to take a break from schoolwork. It is a team activity where the child performs a function. He analyses, makes decisions, develops strategies. Such training takes 3-4 hours and it is imperative that it be built into the child’s schedule – otherwise it will be biased and harmful.

Equally important is the fact that a trainer is always present at cybersport courses, who also monitors the condition of his protégés and the time.

What skills and qualities does cybersport develop?

One of the most important skills that cyber athletes develop over time is analytical thinking. eSports is mostly a group game, where the aim is to analyze the opponent’s movements and to recognize the personal characteristics of the other players. In other words, a child does tremendous analytical work in class.

In addition to analytical thinking, children who consciously and professionally engage in cyber sports develop other important skills and useful qualities:

  • reaction speed;
  • the ability to work and communicate in a team, to adapt to the behavior of others;
  • the ability to interact with information;
  • calmness in stressful situations, rationality;
  • Adaptability: The child learns to quickly correct their behavior.


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