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How Long Would You Survive The Hunger Games? Hunger from

This is a short summary of the main events each day. In that same year, the 1st annual hunger games is held. All the hunger games movies, in order of release.

About 95% Of People Will Die.

How long would you survive the hunger games quiz? In the hunger games, katniss everdeen and peeta mallark participate in the 74th annual hunger games representing district 12, and it takes them eighteen days to win the competition. Events in chronological order to the book.

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District 1 male career tribute. Take this quiz to discover how long you'd last in the hunger games. I’m in the career pack, so i get what i was assigned to.

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How long would you last in the hunger games? Tributes attend training three days in a row, beginning at 10 a.m. Condensing several weeks into three hours is quite a feat so, while i am unsure just how long the 74th games lasted, there certainly was no two week time frame.

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(though almost all the tributes arrived early during the 74th hunger games, and some of the tributes in the 75th hunger games didn't even show up to training at all). How long do the hunger games usually last? You are from district 7 (lumber).

Or If You Even Will Die.

According to the hunger games wiki page, the 74th games lasted 18 days. The hunger games last as long as it takes for all the tributes (participants) except for one to die or be killed. I volunteer as tribute to take this quiz! by sam stryker.