How Much Does A N X Ray Tech Make

How Much Does A N X Ray Tech Make. These radiology professionals earned a median annual wage of $58,440 in 2017, according to the bls. “just how much does a traveling x ray tech make?” short answer:

How Much Does An X Ray Technician Make Maybe you would from

How much does an xray tech make an hour? 2 those working in hospitals or for the federal government tend to earn slightly more. Radiologic technologist salaries at kaiser permanente can.

These Numbers Represent The Median, Which Is The Midpoint Of The Ranges From Our Proprietary Total Pay Estimate Model And Based On Salaries Collected From Our Users.

The top 10 percent earned upwards of $89,760 , while the bottom 10 percent earned less than $41,480. Radiologic technologists earn an average hourly wage of $27.65,. Sometimes it is the same rate the tech would get working a stationary job…often times it is more.

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How Much Does An Xray Tech Make An Hour?

Education, training, and certifications are key to getting pay raises. Topping the list is massachusetts, with hawaii and connecticut close behind in second and third. According to the american society of radiologic technologists (asrt), the average salary for a radiographer with an associate’s degree is $53,222, compared to $56,540 with a bachelor’s degree and $71,501 with a master’s degree;

I Work In Nyc And Make 36/Hr.

The increases in salary with increases in education tend to hold true across modalities. The estimated additional pay is $23,987 per year. The xray technician salary range is from $39,631 to $63,319, and the average xray technician salary is $49,984/year in the united states.

The Average Hourly Pay For A Radiology Technician Job In The Us Is $24.57 An Hour.

Bureau of labor statistics may 2020). How much do x ray technician jobs pay per year? The xray technician's salary will change in different locations.

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The highest radiographer salary — as reported in the top 10 percent of positions — comes in at $82,590. Usually more than a traditional technologist. People on the lower end of that spectrum, the bottom 10% to be exact, make roughly $43,000 a year, while the top 10% makes $92,000.