How Much Is Labor To Lift A Truck

How Much Is Labor To Lift A Truck. The bottom line is that if you choose to go with a leveling kit for your truck, then expect to pay around $400 to $2,000 with professional installation. How much can i expect to pay for labor on a lift kit?

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If you want to go higher than a few inches, though, you’ll need more suspension components to keep your vehicle in proper alignment. This is a usual rule for all sorts of jobs when it comes to mechanic shops, and it is certainly in play here. I've gotten labor hour quotes for 9 hours @ $50/hour for the 3.5 lift and all the way up to 14 hours at $50 for the 5 and 6.

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When you compare that to doing a proper coil over setup, it is much more cost effective. For example, the cost of installing a 6 inch lift kit on a gmc sierra 1500 with 14″ rims would total out at $2380. Pricing can be shopped online, through catalogs and at local retailers.

What Does It Cost To Lift A Truck Using A Body Lift? a suspension lift costs more and the price is determined by how tall the lift is and how invasive it. When it comes to getting a lift from a leveling kit, the costs can range from $200 to $1,000 depending on the make and model of your truck. For a ford f150 with 14″ rims, the cost is $2484, but you could always go with strut spacers to knock $300 off the price.

This Is All Going To Depend On The Size Kit That You Install Again.

I've gotten labor hour quotes for 9 hours @ $50/hour for the 3.5 lift and all the way up to 14 hours at $50 for the 5 and 6. Expect $2,000 for labor at a minimum, depending on how crusty the underside of. But if you buy a more extensive lift kit for a few thousand dollars, then the labor to install can cost somewhere in the thousands as well.

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Looking At Either 3.5 Lift Or A Leveling Kit 2 Up Front 1.5 In The Rear

An air lift suspension kit can start at around $2,600 and go up to just above $3,000. Leveling kits are far less expensive than an entire suspension lift and, therefore, much easier to install. Smaller truck lift kits, those that raise the body by two inches, usually cost anywhere from $400 to $12,000.

The Larger The Lift, The More The Lift Kit Will Cost, But Most People Are Only Looking To Lift Their Truck A Few Inches.

Lift kits of the higher scale category can raise a truck by six inches or more and usually cost $10,000 to $15,000. A wild card, however, is how much it will cost in labor time to have a shop install that lift kit. Now that you have your lift kit you may be thinking great, all done no more expenses.