How Ogie Diaz keeps up with the changing local entertainment landscape

Social media has become a medium for some celebrities to show the public that they are as normal and down to earth as ordinary people. As it has become easier to connect with their fans through an app, celebrities can share their personal lives, projects and other activities in a way that is open to the public.

For TV host and talent manager Ogie Diaz, social media and video-sharing platforms like YouTube have become powerful ways for celebrities and showbiz figures like him to be more relatable and authentic to their audiences.

“What we mostly do in our vlogs isn’t scripted and I think that’s what audiences prefer now, they like unscripted material because it makes them feel like celebrities, just like them, are regular people too are,” Ogie said colloquially during an interview with Manila Standard Entertainment.

(From left) Loi Villarama, editor of Manila Standard Entertainment Nickie Wang, Ogie Diaz and Dyosa Pockoh

Ogie is the host of Showbiz Updates, a showbiz-oriented Youtube talk show co-hosted by Mama Loi Villarama and Dyosa Pockoh. In the online programming, the trio tackle updates on celebrities, popular online personalities, pressing issues (albeit in a showbiz manner), and anything under the sun that they deem relevant to everyday Marites.

“This show is better off on Youtube. We might not be able to say what we wanted to say when we’re on TV,” Ogie added, saying there is no competition between online shows and traditional programming because “both TV and the internet have conquered audiences “.

The idea for her showbiz-oriented talk show came about when Ogie very candidly shared a video of TV personality Ion Perez. But before that, people enjoyed prank videos and other content focusing on his behind-the-scenes life on his channel.

“I’ve uploaded so many videos and felt like I couldn’t offer anything new, then I uploaded a video from Ion and it went viral. Then I got the idea to introduce other celebrities,” recalls Ogie.

Her YouTube talk show started out as a one-camera setup (using a cellphone).

“It was November 2020 when Mama Loi and I thought of setting up a camera while we lounged in the pool and talked about everything under the sun, including the trending celebrity topic. Then the live stream became a hit. I think it’s the showbiz aspect,” Ogie shared.

Since then her audience has grown exponentially, the Ogie Diaz Showbiz Update YouTube channel now has 769,000 subscribers and more than 175 million views and counting.

“As long as your content is engaging, you will thrive. But not every day is Christmas, not every day people watch your content. I think the key is consistency. You have to deliver the same energy in every episode you produce,” the showbiz columnist added.

“There are people who are just lucky on Youtube and there are hardworking people like us who do everything but the views haven’t hit a million yet. If you’re not lucky, you have to work hard to get your audience to watch,” Mama Loi said for her part.

For Dyosa Pockoh, a content creator who found his success on Tiktok, making a show online is definitely a product of “tears, sweat and blood” even though people don’t see what’s happening behind the camera.

Showbiz Update is recognized as the Most Influential Online Entertainment Program of 2022 by the 21st Gawad America

“For example, on Tiktok Heart I impersonated Evangelista and changed my clothes. I think I used about 10 outfits to create a minute-long video, but it actually took hours to shoot,” Dyosa shared with Pockoh.

Her current goal for Showbiz Update is to produce 15 videos in a month.

“We decide on the subject before the cameras roll and we really wanted to have an impromptu, unscripted conversation,” said Ogie.

Because they’re online, Ogie, Mama Loi, and Dyosa Pockoh also get beat up, and although they learn how to get rid of them, they’re still offended.

“Tao par rin kame, but we treat our thugs in such a way that they realize their mistake. If their comments are very offensive, we’ll take screenshots of their messages or comments and get back to them via DMs,” Ogie said.

The trio believe Showbiz Update has served its purpose as an entertainment show in some ways. They just finished a successful roadshow in Australia and are about to embark on a US tour. In fact, the program was recognized as the 2022 Most Influential Online Program in Entertainment by the 21st Gawad America held on November 19th in Hollywood, California.

“Our main goal is to entertain people and I think we’re on the right track. There are now numerous platforms and there are traditional media, you just have to stay true to your core and be consistent. That’s how we can adapt,” concluded Ogie.


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