How technology can power a better future

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From supply chain innovation to building Web3 communities, 3D printing and crowdfunding, technology has the potential to improve our lives and solve problems in incredible new ways.

Join us for session 3 of BoF VOTES 2022 on November 30th to meet a bold group of entrepreneurs, innovators and scientists using technology to power a better future.

  • Dame Stephanie Shirley CH will share how she founded a software company from her dining room table in the 1960s and today set new precedents for women in technology.
  • Lisa Morales Hellebo will discuss the paradigm shift towards localized supply chains in the fashion industry and why fixing the old model is no longer a viable solution.
  • Sriram KrishnasamyPresident and CEO of FedEx Dataworks, will champion the use of data to digitize supply chains and develop solutions to meet and exceed your customers’ expectations.
  • Musa TarikCMO of GoFundMe, will join the fashion designer Philip Lim to share her story of using technology to build multi-channel fundraising campaigns – and social virality in the process.
  • Brett Hagler and Alexandria LafciCo-founders of the non-profit organization New Story, will join other non-profit founders Jean Guo and Sneha Shethto share how and why they are using new technologies to drive a better future.
  • Harley FinklesteinPresident of Shopify, will share how the platform is using its technologies to empower entrepreneurs and encourage conscious consumption across its user base.
  • Toby Schorinan author and technologist, will debunk the ways in which Web3 can contribute to the common good, transforming customers into communities and considering the philanthropic potential of the technology.
  • Imran Chaudhriformer design director at Apple, will posit the post-smartphone era and what it will mean for brands and consumers.

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The wide world

29 Nov | 3-5pm London | 10-12 a.m. New York

From politics and the global economy to social issues and humanitarian crises, every fashion company is influenced by the world. Here we take a step back to understand the bigger picture.

Within the fashion system

30 Nov | 11am-1pm London | 6-9 p.m. New York

The fashion industry is changing before our eyes. It is here that we meet the people who are wondering how she must change and imagining the exciting possibilities that this could bring.

technology and innovation

30 Nov | 3-5pm London | 10-12 a.m. New York

We join a brave group of scientists, technologists and entrepreneurs who are reshaping the world and the way our industry will work in the future.

Global culture and creativity

1 Dec | 11am-1pm London | 6-9 p.m. New York

We live in an era of global culture and creativity, fueled by the rise of technology platforms that connect us all to film, television, music, art and fashion from around the world. We’re going on a tour around the world to meet inspiring creative minds.

live your best life

1 Dec | 3-5pm London | 10-12 a.m. New York

Let’s put things into perspective. Hear passionate people share inspiring stories and discover how to live life with purpose and authenticity.


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BoF VOICES 2022 is made possible in part by our partners McKinsey & Company, Shopify, Flannels, Brandlive, Lenzing, ShopRunner, Snap, Canada Goose, Invisible Collection, Soho House and Getty Images.


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