How To Cut Sleeves Off Shirt Reddit

How To Cut Sleeves Off Shirt Reddit. How to turn long sleeves into short sleeves method 2: Depending on the design of the shirt, you can easily remove its sleeves to convert it into a sleeveless top, as long as you have a sharp pair of.

Velvet Red Short Sleeves Princess Cut Stretchable blouse from

Also make tiny puppy sweaters. Save the part of the sleeve you cut off. Use your scissors to cut off the second sleeve by following the curve of the first sleeve.

I Don't, But That's Because I Dont Like Shirts With The Sleeves Cut Off.

Cut the raw edge with pinking shears, or cut in scallops. Compare the short sleeve length to the long sleeve and cut off the long sleeve 1/4 inch shorter than the short sleeve. Use a seam ripper to take the cuffs off.

Grab A Short Sleeve Shirt In A Similar Size To The Long Sleeve One You Are Altering.

Iron the sleeves to create a neat, flat fold along the top of the sleeve. The muscle tank look is super cute but badass at the same time. The pleats will be adjusted and deepened.

Now You Can Simply Cut Along The Sides Of The Pattern Piece And The Hem Allowance Will Have The Reflected Angle Of The Tapering Sleeve.

Next, if you have a serger, use it to serge off the excess sleeve about 5/8” from the seam line. Pin the cuff onto the sleeve matching the top of the cuff to the marked seam line. Take the sleeve that you just cut off and line it up over the second sleeve.

If You Do Not Have A Serger, Carefully Measure And Trim Off The Excess, Measuring 5/8” From The Seam Line.

Use your scissors to cut off the second sleeve by following the curve of the first sleeve. From the edge of the sleeve, make numerous cuts down to the seam line. Your sleeve pattern will be complete after you mark the curved line for the shoulder curve.

Before You Continue, Hold The Two Sleeves Together To Make Sure They Are Exactly The Same Length.

Not only is a great way to show off your hard work but it's also perfect for showing off your beautiful constantly varied gear sports bras. Measure the opening of the short sleeve. Use the cut sleeve as a guide to cut your other sleeve.

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