How To Demo A Bathroom Wall

How To Demo A Bathroom Wall. You may need to use a utility knife to score any caulk holding it in place. A sledgehammer is fun to swing a few times and can bust wall studs with ease, but a more efficient way of removing a wall is by using a reciprocating saw.

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Remove the tub and plumbing. Cultured marble bathtub surrounds look beautiful when they are first installed, but over time, they may become stained or cracked and need to be replaced. Try it by inserting a knife, chisel, or other flat tools between the walls and the tiles parallel to the wall.

It Usually Tells The Bathroom's Story, And When That's An Ugly Tale, It's Time For The Tile To Hit The Bricks.

Turn off the main water valve. Discover that the mirror was hung over large, unfilled holes in the wall from an old medicine cabinet and soap dishes/toothbrush holders. Cut through any caulk or adhesive holding the frames in place.

Shut Off The Water To The Home Before Doing Any Demolition In Case A Wayward Blow Harms A Water Line.

You do need to take into account if there are any obstructions along the way such as pipes, electrical sockets, etc. Carefully pull back on the lath and the plaster. Alternatively, you may just want to remove the cultured marble bathtub surround to change the look of your bathtub.

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We Taped Off The Ceiling Vent In Our Bathroom To Prevent Dust From Getting Sucked In And Moved To Other Parts Of The House.

Meet the challenges posed by tubs, tile and glass block with these guidelines. Hit the bottom of each stud just far enough to dislodge it from the nails that were holding it. When i walk into a bathroom, i'm often struck most by the tile.

Hit The Studs As Close To The Bottom Plate As You Can, But Not So Hard That You Pull Out The Nails On The Top Plate—That's A Good Way To Catch A Falling Stud In The Noggin.

And i don’t care what any one says, demo sucks. Like other tub surrounds, cultured marble surrounds are usually installed over an existing wall along. Work it left and right to loosen the nails holding the drywall in.

Detach Tile And Mortar From Backing Surface.

Using a razor, cut along the joint where the wall connects to the ceiling. Demo (& bathroom renovations in general) are super dusty. Includes planning, equipment and material acquisition, area preparation and protection, setup and cleanup.