How To Get Fishing Rod Genshin

How To Get Fishing Rod Genshin. How to switch fishing rod genshin impact game walkthrough. Use fish you've caught to buy this fishing rod.

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Catch fish for various rods! Exploding population is the quest that opens up genshin impact's fishing system, so you'll obtain this rod fairly early in your. At the moment, there are only 4 fishing rods in genshin impact.region in teyvat have fishing associations sell a particular and unique rod.

Best Fishing Rod To Use.

Fishing rods in genshin impact have different names. How to fish in genshin impact? Wilderness rod is the first fishing rod players can obtain in genshin impact.

It Is The Default Rod That Players Will Be Provided With When They Are Introduced To Fishing.

Here is how to obtain all of the available fishing rods. How to get a fishing rod in genshin impact the fishing system is only open to those at adventure rank 30 or higher. Here's how genshin impact fishing works:

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To Catch A Fish, You Must Move The Rod To The Fishing Spot To Cast The Bait.

The rod offers no unique benefit and is pretty basic. The fishing gameplay in genshin impact 2.1 doesn't only feature five different fish families, but there are also four different baits to obtain.every species only responds to. You will need to complete the exploding population quest in mondstadt to unlock this rod.

At The Moment, There Are Only 4 Fishing Rods In Genshin Impact.region In Teyvat Have Fishing Associations Sell A Particular And Unique Rod.

Once the fishing button is in the yellow box, you should continue to move the. They are wilderness rod, moonstringer, windtangler, narukawa ukai, and wishmaker. We guide to learning how to get a fishing rod in genshin impact, along with unlocking new fishing rod cosmetics from fishing associations.

Some Special Fishing Rods Increase Your Chances Of Catching Certain Fish When You're In The Correct Region.

Next, follow the quest compass and go and talk with nantuck. Genshin impact fishing rod guide © mihoyo wilderness rod © mihoyo. The list of fishing rods and ways to get them in genshin impact.