How To Get Klee Genshin Impact

How To Get Klee Genshin Impact. How to get klee in genshin impact. While you will get to experience most of them for a short time, actually keeping them in your party requires you to engage with the wish gacha mechanic.

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This often gets her in trouble with jean, who puts her in solitary confinement. How do you get guaranteed klee genshin impact? Explosive is by reaching friendship level 10 with klee.

Once You Reach The Maximum Friendship Level With Klee, Open Up The Character Screen And Click On The Treasure Chest Icon To Claim Their Namecard!

Klee is an energetic and outgoing girl who takes after her mother, alice. True treasure is the first act in the trifolium chapter which is klee’s story quest in genshin impact. How to get klee in genshin impact.

It Looks Like From Current Trial Data That The Characters Featuring Alongside Klee Will Be Fischl, Sucrose, And Barbara.

The character was available throughout the closed beta version, but she isn’t anymore. She adores anything that can blow up like her bombs, such as amber 's baron bunny. Utilizing a pyro vision, she creates explosions that leave a path of destruction in her wake.

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You Don't Have To Own These New Characters To Do This Event, Making This An Excellent Great Opportunity To Check How The New Character Klee Plays Before You Roll Her Equally New Banner, Sparkling Steps.

Explosive is by reaching friendship level 10 with klee. This character has a 50% chance to be klee, but players can guarantee they will get klee by taking advantage of the 50/50 system. The genshin impact klee banner release date is june 9, when the 1.6 update releases.

This Often Gets Her In Trouble With Jean, Who Puts Her In Solitary Confinement.

A bunch of buds hanging out in mondstadt. See best builds, teams, weapons, skills, team, weapon, voice actor, artifacts for klee. Here’s a walkthrough of true treasure in genshin impact.

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The simple answer is that you cannot get klee in genshin impact in the released version yet. The last time you could wish for her was in june. Genshin impact 2.6 update is set to be released into the game in late march 2022, and leaks have now revealed more information regarding the apparent reruns for klee and venti.these new leaks seem to indicate that we will possibly see the two characters return to the featured banner in the next iteration of the game.