How To Hide A Tattoo From Your Parents

How To Hide A Tattoo From Your Parents. My first tattoo was on my side rib. I decided that the best way to deal with my predicament is to just be open and honest with them, as they’ve always been with me.

14 Places To Hide Tattoo From Your Parents Saved Tattoo from

If you have ankle or lower. If these tattoos spots are good enough for celebrities, they’re certainly good enough for you. A scarf can cover up a tattoo on your neck or upper chest.

Going Barefoot Is Always An Option, But You Should Wear Long Pants Or Trousers To Hide It Around Your Parents.

The stomach is always clothed and full. If these tattoos spots are good enough for celebrities, they’re certainly good enough for you. Places like your chest, back, and shoulders are good places, just remember you can’t take off your shirt around your parents if you get one there.

Mom Got So Pissed Not For Getting Another Tattoo, But More On For Not Telling Them I Was Getting Another One.

Then i totally forgot about it and wore a razorback shirt showing off my tattoo. Can you hide a tattoo from your parents?going barefoot is always an option, but you should wear long pants or trousers to hide it around your parents. Tattoos (if you have no objections to getting a tattoo and have the money) bandanas/arm bands;

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Using Foundation And Concealer Isn’t The Only Way To Disguise A Tattoo.

If you have ankle or lower. Sleeves and pant legs can easily cover up visible tattoos on your arms and legs. Let them know you selected a licensed tattoo parlor with a good safety record.

I Decided That The Best Way To Deal With My Predicament Is To Just Be Open And Honest With Them, As They’ve Always Been With Me.

4 ways to hide a tattoo without makeup. Sock and underwear drawers are definitely off limits, and a bit odd to sift through. Is it possible to hide a tattoo from parents?

There Are A Lot Of Ideas To Make Out Of Your Ankle Deep Tattoo.

If you fear the tattoo pain, the stomach could be a great place to draw the hidden tattoo. The best way to do this is to cut the tape in a similar shape to your scar. In a ponytail you might even be able to conceal a tattoo behind your ear or on the back of your neck if you do nothing else.