How To Make Milk In Little Alchemy Two

How To Make Milk In Little Alchemy Two. Earth + plow = field Earth + land = continent;

How To Make Milk In Little Alchemy Step By Step Hints from

Earth + pressure = stone; Earth + sea = primordial soup; Having a bottle of smoothie on top.

Water + Earth = Mud;

Puddle + water = pond. Fire + mud = brick; Walkthrough for milk in little alchemy 2.

Earth + Pressure = Stone;

There are many steps to making milk in little alchemy. The doctor requires 27 combinations to make, starting with earth and fire and eventually getting to life, moon, human, and time. Earth + plow = field

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Air + Air = Pressure;

Continent + continent = planet; Earth + earth = land; Water + pond = lake;

Lake + Water = Sea;

What can you make with milk in little alchemy. Fire + earth = lava. How to make milk shake in little alchemy 2?

Similarly, Little Alchemy 2 Always Allows The Players To Do Things The Way They Want.

Chocolate will make chocolate milk; Little alchemy 2 cheats & hints: Water + water = puddle;