How To Process Ingredients In Genshin Impact

How To Process Ingredients In Genshin Impact. Processing ingredients is a component of the meal preparation method. One of the third level adventure log quests in genshin impact is to process ingredients.

Genshin Impact how to Process Ingredients & Processed from

Same as when it comes to cooking, players can process ingredients from any of the stoves that can be found in teyvat. With those in hand, when you interact with a fire, you can press r1 on ps4 to switch to the process menu. Firstly though, you need to enter a cooking pot.

This Task Is In Chapter 3 Of Your Adventurer's Handbook, And If You're Wondering How To Do It, We Go Over The Steps Below.

Simply walk up to your nearest lit cook fire and interact with it to start processing ingredients. For example, turning wheat into flour, milk into butter or raw meat into a sausage. Players looking to complete their level three adventure log quests are advised to process wheat.

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Wait until the processing is finished. For simplicity, you can always find a cooking pot inside a town like liyue or mondstadt , but as you well know there are plenty outside in the wilds that hilichurls and implied to use. Here are the steps on how to process your ingredients so you can start cooking them into your recipes:

Processing Ingredients In Genshin Impact.

I normally use the one right outside of the windmill town, but you can use any of them. Whether you’re planning on cooking recipes or processing ingredients, you will need to do it in a cooking station. Same as when it comes to cooking, players can process ingredients from any of the stoves that can be found in teyvat.

In Order To Process Ingredients In Genshin Impact, You Will First Have To Find A Cooking Fire.

Butter is an ingredient material (item) in genshin impact 2.5. Which materials, and how long, depends on the item(s) a player is trying to process. There are 12 cooking ingredients in genshin impact that players can obtain by processing raw items.

Each Material Can Only Have 99 Processing Each At The Same Time (For Example, 99 Flour And.

In that menu, you can select the ingredient you want and click on “process” button. You can process multiple ingredients at the same time. How to process three ingredients in genshin impact.