How To Put On A Guitar Strap Lock

How To Put On A Guitar Strap Lock. It’s safe, secure and solves the problem. In case it doesn’t, install them before buying strap locks.

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Insert the strap lock housing into the hole in the strap. You have two options if you want to use strap locks on both ends of your acoustic guitar. Schaller strap locks on every guitar i own.

Putting On A Guitar Strap Is Super Simple For And Electric Guitar And An Acoustic Providing Your Guitar, Has Strap Buttons.

This makes it nearly impossible for the locking mechanism to slip out of the strap. But the screw in the bigsby has proven to be quite difficult to get out. Strap locks in the front, but not in the back.

Keep Holding The Ball To Keep The Locking Mechanism Open.

Tighten the nut with the combination or open end wrench. They also give a slight custom appearance to your beloved axe! We’ll need to drill at least two new pilot holes in the guitar where you want your new strap lock buttons to be.

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That Is Used To Hold The Neck On.

Slide the lock onto the strap button. Option one is to drill a hole in your guitar to install the strap lock button. Hey this sounds really stupid but i got some schaller straplocks installed on one of my guitars and accidentally put the strap on backwards and im won.

These Are The Four Parts Of The Strap Lock System.

That's okay so long as you put it in a good spot. Creates a nice snug fit. For most guitars and straps, this will be a simple process.

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Place the strap lock washer onto the strap lock housing. Thread the nut onto the strap lock housing. Schaller/fender) this is a little unorthodox, as i know you’re raring to get into some serious discussion about the best guitar strap locks, but i’d like to tell you a story first.