How To Remove Chain Link Fence Post With Car Jack

How To Remove Chain Link Fence Post With Car Jack. The trick to removing a fence post is to apply force upward, so that you're not fighting the strength of the earth on either side of the buried post. If the concrete is smooth you may need to place some eye bolts to get something to grab.

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If the concrete is smooth you may need to place some eye bolts to get something to grab. Once you have the right jack, you’ll need to connect it to the fence post in a way that allows you to lift it out of the ground. You will need a spotter to tell you when you get it plumb.

The Trick To Removing A Fence Post Is To Apply Force Upward, So That You're Not Fighting The Strength Of The Earth On Either Side Of The Buried Post.

If the fencing is toe nailed into the post, use a pry bar or a nail puller to back the nails out and free up the post. Screw lag bolts through a chain into the broken off fence post and then use a vehicle winch/come along/high lift jack to pull the post out. Hook the chain around the post at the ground, stand the tire and rim as close as you can to the post, put the chain over the tire and hook the chain to your truck and pull slowly.

If You’re Working In A Tight Space And Don’t Have Enough Space To Lay The Fencing Out Flat, Work Smaller.

The innovative design allows you to apply a tremendous amount of lifting force directly on the post, lifting it straight. Pump the handle of the jack until the post pops out of the ground. Hold the chain on the jack foot and use your other hand to pump the jack handle until the chain has tension on it.

This Can Be Done With A Jack Or Machinery, Or With A Lever And Some Elbow Grease.

Cut the fence vertically every six feet or so, and roll the sections of chain link vertically. Although spraying it might give you a good finish, it can be difficult to control the overspray. Load the fence materials and send it to the designated area.

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With The Fabric Terminated At The Terminal Post, Install A Tension Bar Approximately Five Feet From The End Of The Unattached Fabric.

Line posts go between terminal posts with 4 to 10 feet of spacing between them. While still lying on the ground, attach a chain link wire rake to the tension bar as shown in the illustration. Restore the ground level to the original state.

Release The Tension One Strap At A Time (Wear Gloves And Watch Your Fingers!), When All Straps Are Done, You Will Have To Cut The Bent Piece Of Chain Link Out, But Its Just One.

For wire fence you will want to wrap some fence around your end post and fasten with more fencing nails. Now, wrap the tail of the chain around the nose of the high lift jack. One was wrap heavy chain around post a few times as close to ground as you can get it, (wood, metal, didn't matter), place the hook so the chain had a loop, place tongue of jack in the loop with the jack on solid ground or 2x something block of sturdy wood, pump the jack and it's out.