How To Tie Converse High Tops Double Laces

How To Tie Converse High Tops Double Laces. You will not have any problem lacing and tying your high tops with the perfect laces. Firstly, count the number of eyelets on your pair of shoes.

Ideas for Lacing Converse Sneakers (with Pictures) eHow
Ideas for Lacing Converse Sneakers (with Pictures) eHow from

How to tie converse high tops. Thread your lace through the top eyelet on the left hand side of your converse. Posted by volkor at 6:53 am.

Lace Up The Shoe With A New Shoestring And Use The Outside Eyelets.

If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. For even more shoelace options, shop custom shoes to design all aspects of your. Now take the plastic tube shots around the lace on one side and go towards the eye which is 3 on the opposite side.

How To Lace Your Converse Shoelaces In Fifteen Different Ways In The Wonderful World Of Fashion, Chucks (Aka Converse Sneakers) Are Like The Lbds For Our Feet.

This one involves going up the eyelets once before passing through each one for the second time to come back where you started. Pull the lace through until only a few inches of the lace remains on the left hand side, as pictured above. Converse high tops often come with laces which are too short to be laces freely, comfortably and stylishly.

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Ensure the bands are straight and even. These 2 videos demonstrates how to tie your converse high tops in fun, stylish ways. Use two laces, one shorter than the other.

Wrap The Other End Of The Laces Around The Base Of The Loop You Made, Then Push It Through The Hole You Just Made By Wrapping It And Pull It Into Another Loop.

With converse you lace all the way up to the second to last eyelets, cross in the back then go back into the remaining eyelets to hold them there. Here’s how to zig zag lace your converse: Your high tops will get you there.

If You’re Not Already Utilizing This Casual Trendy Look, Do It.

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