How To Uninstall A Hardwired Dishwasher

How To Uninstall A Hardwired Dishwasher. Flip the circuit breaker for the dishwasher to the “off” position. Because of this, a receptacle installed in a location that requires the removal of the dishwasher is not code compliant.

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By loosening the two front legs, you can create at least an inch of space between the leg foot and the floor. Disconnect the old water supply line from the dishwasher using an adjustable wrench. This will catch the spills and reduce the cleanup.

Then Pull The Bottom Access Panel Off.

Reasons for removing a hardwired dishwasher. It will free up more space and make removing the dishwasher much easier. Depending on the type, a dishwasher may be hardwired or plugged in.

Search The Cabinetry For Damage.

Unplug the power, water inlet, and drain hoses. Still other appliances plug into a. If you can't find where the dishwasher is plugged in, it's likely hardwired.

Continue Loosening The Nut Until The Water Supply Pipe Is Fully Disconnected.

There may be some water in the supply line. Your dishwasher may simply be plugged into an outlet under the sink. If so, mop up the water using an old towel.

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Shutting Off The Dishwasher By Unplugging It Is Equally Straightforward And Quick To Do.

We can either use a nut driver or a phillips screwdriver. Turn off the power and water, and remove the old dishwasher. Disconnect the dishwasher from your countertop or cabinetry by removing the screws.

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You will be able to remove the dishwasher after lowering the leg. Once we have them both removed we put the screws up out of the way so that we step on them or kneel on them and cause ourself physical pain. So we’ll loosen the leg screw with a crescent wrench by rotating it anticlockwise.