How To Use Moon Oracle Cards

How To Use Moon Oracle Cards. I believe prayer and divination work in tandem. Think, plan, visualise and be clear about your desires as they have the potential to become reality.

Moonology Oracle Cards by Yasmin Boland The Mystical from

Oracles were thought to be portals through which the gods spoke directly to people. Ask your intuition how many cards to draw from a deck: Spread out your cards and hover your hand over them until you feel a magnetic pull and choose that card, pichinson says.

Oracles Were Thought To Be Portals Through Which The Gods Spoke Directly To People.

Set a question in your mind, choose a card layout that would most appropriately address the question you have and then deal the cards. If you are trying to break into journaling but struggle without prompts or find yourself spending too much time thinking about what you should write that it causes you to write nothing at all,… By laying a crystal or stone on top of your cards and storing them in a special box or bag, the crystal’s energy will consistently charge them.

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Astrologer Yasmin Boland Is An Expert On The Moon’s Influence And Knows The Tricks Of Working With Its Phases To Yield Positive Results.

When you buy oracle cards there is a booklet inside that explains the meaning of each card. Leave them under the moonlight overnight to let moon energy connect and manifest into your life. I have been using oracle cards for 25 years and have gotten closer to god in the process.

Set The Cards In A Windowsill Or Outside In Direct Full Moonlight To Charge By The Moon’s Rays With A Crystal Or Stone:

If you’re searching for an answer to a question, it might be ideal to draw a single card. So, if you want to do a card of the day, all you do is pull a card or several cards and read the outcome as 'general' advice. You can also call on your cards for the new year or when the mercury is in retrograde (read more on this here) or for manifesting your dreams.

During The New Moon, Our Thoughts Become Potent.

I got the moon oracle by caroline smith and john astrop but it says that if you live in the southern hemisphere (i do) that the phases and interpretations would be the opposite of what’s in the guidebook/illustrations (because the info was calculated off of the northern hemisphere sky) so i’m unsure of how to use the cards/info. You simply start to shuffle them. Shuffle your cards and whilst doing so, visual and think about what you’re hoping to get from the reading.

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Oracle Cards Allow For A Loser Interpretation Of A Reading, In That Each Oracle Deck Comes With It’s Own Theme.

The cards themselves are not magic… but rather they offer a mechanism for you to tune into the magic and divine guidance within you. Ways to use the oracle cards by sonia choquette 1. Well, literally just ask a question.