I love the democracy of OTTs: Vivek Oberoi

Actor Vivek Oberoi praises the democratic nature of the streaming world and says the digital medium has empowered talent regardless of their background.

Oberoi, who made his acting debut 20 years ago with Ram Gopal Varma’s acclaimed gangster drama Company, was one of the first Bollywood actors to break into the OTT with Emmy-nominated sports drama Inside Edge.

“I love the democracy of OTT. I hope she stays. I felt empowered outside of lobbies. At OTT, it doesn’t matter who you are, what you do matters, actors aka “Saathiya”, “Omkara” and “Shootout at Lokhandwala,” PTI said in an interview here.

There are no trappings of the numbers game or fighting for maximum screens to release a film on over-the-top (OTT) platforms, he added. “It’s extremely liberating because it doesn’t come with the paraphernalia of what Bollywood has become. Everyone talks about the number of theaters a film will be shown in, the cost of the promotion, the promotion, the lobby. There are people who single-handedly have so much power that they can destroy someone else. All of that disappears on OTT.” Following the success of his Prime Video sports series Inside Edge, the actor said he’s received a few offers but is committed to various projects including Dharavi Bank and Rohit Shetty’s upcoming series debut India Police Force Prime Video decided.

“Dharavi Bank” stars Suniel Shetty as the larger than life Don Thalaivan from Mumbai’s Dharavi slum area and Oberoi as cop Jayant Gavaskar. The show is directed by Samit Kakkad, best known for films like Ascharyachakit! and “half ticket”.

Describing his character as an enigma, Oberoi said playing Jayant Gavaskar is a “big challenge”.

“Jayant Gavaskar is someone who thinks differently, says differently and does differently… He is a passionate and fearless man. He says the world is not a fair place and he is putting his life and that of his team on the line, but he feels responsible. . All of this was a big challenge,” he said.

Given his fewer appearances in Hindi films, the 46-year-old actor lamented the lack of job opportunities with well-known filmmakers.

“As an actor, you do your job, you perform well, you are appreciated, you shine when you get an opportunity. But the opportunity has to come from the other side.

“There must be good producers and directors, like Rohit, who said he wrote this (role in ‘India Police Force’) for me. And I put my heart and soul into it,” he added.

Amid the doldrums, Oberoi said it was the love of his fans that helped him sail through difficult times.

“The source of my strength is my fans,” he said, recalling his actor father Suresh Oberoi’s advice that admirers’ love should never be overlooked.

“I remember when I was starting my career and fans were crowding me, my dad saw that. I was signing autographs, pictures and he was like, ‘Never forget, you’re here for the fans’. That’s so true. My fans have always supported me.” “Dharavi Bank” is streaming on MX Player.

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