In The Mountains Genshin Shards

In The Mountains Genshin Shards. The 'in the mountains' side quest is one of the most challenging quests in the recent update of genshin impact. For the in the mountains quest, you will need to do some exploring for irish, and you will eventually need to thaw all the shards out in order to.

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Genshin impact's in the mountains quest has players thaw out three shards on dragonspine, and this guide will help explorers find them all. How to thaw all the shards out in in the mountains. In the camp, a woman by the name of iris tells you that.

In The Mountains Is A World Quest In Dragonspine Area In Genshin Impact.

Beside it, the path up the mountain extends ever on…. In the mountains quest in genshin impact has multiple steps, one of which is to thaw all the shards out. One of the steps that was a little troublesome for me was thaw all the shards out.

Then You’ll Be Tasked With Thawing Out Three Shards In Order To Search Deeper Into This Snowy Region, As This Will.

The very first location you can go to find the shards would be at entombed city outskirts. Learn in the mountains, scarlet quartz location, how to unlock dragonspine locations, how to reach peak of dragonspine &. Go further up the circular slope and use an archer to shoot the 1st glowing shard floating in.

Thaw All The Shards Out Again (3 Shards) Break The First Shard From The Skyfrost Nail Waypoint, Break The Scarlet Quartz Near The 2Nd Inactive Ruin Guard.

Finishing the quest can take a long time but this side quest is necessary if you would like to explore the map of dragonspine. After completing the in the mountains quest, you will open the vindagnir peak dungeon. The in the mountains world quest in genshin impact requires the player to thaw out all the shards from the strange ice in dragonspine.

However, You See A Strange Pillar From Which Those Frozen Shards Seem To Have Fallen.

It has several steps that will guide you throughout the new area. To be completely honest the thaw all shards out in the mountains is a quest that i left uncompleted for weeks simply because i wasn’t interested in searching my world for hours on. Genshin impact players will have to thaw out two shards to proceed with the in the mountains quest.

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Those Shards Also Seem To Have Become Frozen Once More, Requiring You To.

The aggravating part of the fight isn't the fight. In the mountains is a new quest that players will likely find early on in their time with dragonspine, as the npc that gives the quest is located in. Find out how to unlock the quest, how to investigate the strange ice, locations of all shards, and our full quest walkthrough and rewards here in this guide!