Intergalactic Rescue 4 is available now from Anderson Entertainment

Unproduced sci-fi adventure Gerry Anderson is coming to life as a novel by author Richard James

NEW YORK, November 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Anderson Entertainment revealed Intergalactic Rescue 4a brand new novelization of a proposed but unproduced series by thunderbirds and Room: 1999 Legend Gerry Anderson, at the London Film and Comic Con this weekend. Anderson Entertainment created a limited edition of 300 hardcover copies of Intergalactic Rescue 4with all remaining copies set to be available to fans now through the Anderson Entertainment Shop 11/25.

It’s the 22nd century. The League of Planets has commissioned jason stone, Anne Warran, and her two robots, Alpha and Zeta, to explore the galaxy and bring hope to those who need saving. Aboard Intergalactic Rescue 4, they journey to icy moons and jungle planets in 10 exciting adventures that take them further across the stars than ever before. But what are the secret transmissions that Anne discovers? And why do their rescue efforts seem to lead them on a predetermined course? Anne soon discovers that her co-pilot Jason may be on a quest of his own.

The first story of Intergalactic Rescue 4 is available for free to fans on Anderson Entertainment’s YouTube channel. Read by Wayne Forster (New Captain Scarlet, Space Territory), a full audiobook version of the novel will be available on CD and download in early 2023.

“Dad had Intergalactic Rescue 4 planned as a 10-episode series,” he said Jamie Andersonson of Gerry Anderson and CEO of Anderson Entertainment. “What interests me so much about it Intergalactic Rescue 4 is it thunderbirds meets Lost in Space. This was in late 1975 and was proposed to NBC as a live-action series. RichardJames did a masterful job of converting Dad’s original story treatments and bringing it to life as a novel. It’s another fascinating glimpse into the Anderson shows that could have been!”

Intergalactic Rescue 4 is written by RichardJamesbased on a series of episode treatments by Gerry Andersonand edited by Stephanie Briggs. Additionally, Intergalactic Rescue 4 is a hardcover (with dust jacket) comprising 194 pages and features a cover design by Mark stamps. The price is up to us $18.99 / CAN $25 / GB £14.99.

ABOUT ANDERSON ENTERTAINMENT: Originally founded by the legendary creator Gerry Anderson (1929-2012), Anderson Entertainment today continues to build on its incredible legacy of more than 60 years of globally successful, nostalgic and family-friendly TV and film IP. The company’s wide-ranging capabilities range from licensing to merchandising, from content creation to fan base nurturing, and from advising on Anderson and iconic IP related projects to Anderson’s own direct-to-consumer and licensing businesses .

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