Is Diona Good Genshin Impact

Is Diona Good Genshin Impact. All the rpg gamers who play this gacha game and looking for the best characters and the team builds guide. I also have qiqi and jean but still got my c1 diona to level 70 because in some situations she is even better than qiqi and jean.

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They are so drastically different. Barbara is the better healer outright, but diona has better preventive measures (thanks to the shield) plus she’s cryo (which means she can work in areas where being hydro can be a problem [e.g. This presents diona as one of the best options in the game given that her additional support abilities make her more effective in other.

He Has Alot More Things Im His Kit That Are Really Useful Compared To Diona.

I already got diona, shes6 so good. They are so drastically different. Boost energy recharge with the best weapons and empower elemental abilities with the best artifacts mentioned below;

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Learn about diona's stats, strengths and weaknesses, how to get diona, her japanese voice actor, best weapon and builds, and our rating of the character in this complete profile! Best weapons for diona in genshin impact⇓ recommended best weapons for diona: Genshin impact | all 28 characters ultimates dub japanese with sub [id/en ] and romaji;

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If you are looking for pure support that can provide heals and shields, then diona is what you are looking for. Diona ult is mainly use for applying cryo well healing. Among “genshin impact’s” current pool of characters, diona is arguably one of the best for recharging a party’s energy while also keeping them alive with powerful heals and indestructible.

Mines Is Maxed And I Love Her And Refuse To Use Bennett.

This blessing ensures that all the drinks she makes would always taste good—no matter how ridiculous the ingredients. Is diona good genshin impact? Diona is one of top supports in genshin impact.

Depending On What You Are Looking For, Diona Can Be A Good And Bad Addition To Your Team.

This page contains the best builds ( weapons and artifacts) for diona as well as the pros and cons. Rapidly fires off 2 icy paws. Most of them can be cleansed with elemental reactions, and diona is one of the best for the job.

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