Knitting Factory Entertainment (KFE) partners with Nick Bodor to open Baker Falls-Knitting Factory Manhattan on the former site of the Pyramid Club

Knitting Factory, a longtime venue with legendary status, closed its doors in Brooklyn, New York last August with the promise of reopening elsewhere. Now hospitality entrepreneur Nick Bodor and Knitting Factory Entertainment (KFE) are pleased to announce their first collaboration to bring a new neighborhood cafe, bar and venue to the East Village, New York City and the world: Baker Falls (Pop.298) at the legendary 101 Avenue A, on the site of the former pyramid club, closed during the heart of the global pandemic. The Baker Falls venue will be home to the Knitting Factory Manhattan. The entertainment complex is scheduled to open in February 2023.

Nick Bodor has a proven track record of creating and operating popular, long-standing establishments in New York’s East Village, including Cake Shop, The Library Bar and, and Bruar Falls in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Bodor will serve as the company’s managing partner and creative director. He combines the respective ethos of his previous projects into a meeting place that cultivates his identity based on the long, illustrious history of 101 Avenue A and Nick’s love for the neighborhood he’s called home since 1992 (and he loves the East Village). has been since 1985!).

“With this joint venue, Knitting Factory and I look forward to exploring the importance of creating a safe, fun and all-encompassing environment where everyone can gather morning, noon and night,” says Bodor. “Baker Falls will have all day cafe service, happy hour drinks, great performances and even some late night dancing. I can’t wait to see you there.”

With the current structure dating back to 1876, 101 Avenue A was built specifically as a meeting place for the neighborhood. As noted by the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation, “The ground floor has long served as a hall where locals would gather to eat, celebrate, mourn, or discuss labor issues and neighborhood gossip.” Many years later, it spawned the all-inclusive East Village performance scene and was the birthplace of Wig Stock as well as the first NYC performances of Nirvana and RuPaul in the heyday of The Pyramid Club under manager Brian Butterick. Prior to 1876, a small one-story warehouse was on the site Peter Dolger opened a brewery that brought Pilsner beer to America. The pyramid announced that it would be closing its doors on October 31 after 42 years on the site.

For its part, the Knitting Factory opened its first location in 1987 in a small, nondescript storefront on East Houston Street. As a category-defining – and defiant – venue, Knitting Factory has both established a new standard for bold, bold, alternative programming and set the tone for small indie neighborhood haunts that defined “downtown” to follow where Knitting Factory dared to go , to kick. This original knitting factory closed in 2009 and moved to Williamsburg, Brooklyn, where it operated until last August; the Knitting Factory Entertainment has since grown into a 360-degree entertainment company with a diversified portfolio of concert halls, bars, venues, restaurants and theaters, as well as management, record label, booking and tour support departments. Earlier this month, Knitting Factory and partner Moon Block presented the tenth annual Desert Daze Alternative Music Festival in California. Earlier this week, KFE announced that it will be opening a Knitting Factory-branded venue in Los Angeles for the first time in 13 years.

Morgan Margolis, CEO of Knitting Factory Entertainment added, “Of course, closing our doors in Brooklyn due to rent increases was a difficult decision. However, it was fantastic to find a partner in Nick Bodor, former owner/operator of legendary music venue Cake Shop, to join forces and work with us. And having personally grown up in the East Village and raising our flag back in Manhattan, where it all began, comes full circle for us and for the brand.”

Following The Pyramid’s formal closure on Halloween night, 101 Avenue A’s existing facilities will undergo a major renovation, including enhanced staging and massively upgraded audiovisual production. The venue will be booked by Knitting Factory’s Carson Ehlert with assistance from Senior Talent Buyer James Irvine. Ehlert says, “While closing the Williamsburg location has been difficult, I couldn’t be more excited to put together interesting shows, develop new artists, bring communities together and continue Knitting Factory’s unique legacy in the East Village. It’s been a pleasure working with James and Morgan so far, and I look forward to working with them and Nick to make the new Knitting Factory a pillar of music and nightlife culture in Lower Manhattan for years to come.” The Programming scheduled to begin in February 2022.

About Knitting Factory Entertainment

Knitting Factory Entertainment (KFE) was founded in 1987 and opened its first venue in New York City. It is a creative producer, manager and distributor of universal music content, film/television and theater events. Today KFE includes: The Federal Bar Association; El Tejano; Thirsty Merchant; and Cantiki Bar in Los Angeles in partnership with Buckhead Hospitality, and numerous event and restaurant units in Denver with Fillmore Capital Partners; multiple venues for Knitting Factory concerts; and partnerships with Boomtown Brewery, Regent Theater and Arrive Hotel Palm Springs.

KFE owns Brooklyn-based indie label Partisan Records, Knitting Factory Management, Left Music Publishing, Selby Artist Management, Giant Step Marketing and Media, TBA Agency, Fandiem Digital Platform, and culinary marketing agency Sweet Management/Connect Group. KFE owns the web and podcast property The Talkhouse by Tastemaker.

KFE’s national touring and promotional arm, Knitting Factory Presents (Bravo Entertainment), has expanded its footprint booking national acts in multiple states including but not limited to: Outlaw Field in Boise, ID and Big Sky Brewery Amphitheater in Missoula, MT, which serves thousands of visitors serves outdoor fans annually. Knitting Factory Presents also serves Alma Mater/Fawcett Hall in Tacoma, WA; Slowdown in Omaha, NE; Elevation 27 in Virginia Beach, VA; and Hop Springs in Murfreesboro, TN as talent buyers. Other partnerships included: Pappy and Harriet’s in Joshua Tree, CA; Rachel Ray’s feedback in Chicago, IL; Horton’s Hayride in San Pedro, CA; Maha Festival in Omaha, Nebraska; Desert Daze in the Moreno Valley, CA; Wine Country Amphitheater in Walla Walla, WA; CMoore concerts in the Pacific Northwest; and many others.


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