Lee Seung-gi’s fans are furious with Hook Entertainment for calling him a “minor singer”.

Lee Seung-gi’s fans are angry at his former agency Hook Entertainment for mismanaging his money and calling him a “minus singer”.

In layman’s terms, Lee Seung-gi is one of South Korea’s biggest hallyu stars. He is an actor, presenter, entertainer and singer with hits like Will you marry me and The common man.

On November 21, South Korean media outlet Dispatch published shocking reports of Hook Entertainment CEO Kwon Jin-young allegedly being gaslighted The Law Cafe actor believing he makes little to no money from his music, calling him a “minus singer,” meaning a nonprofit organization.

Lee Seung-gi’s fans are furious with Hook Entertainment and CEO Kwon Jin-young for allegedly gaslighting him for all these years, not paying him for his musical endeavors, and calling him a “minus singer.”

There are a lot of disturbing/disappointing things #LeeSeungGi‘s newsBut for me, regardless of money, the fact that they abused him like that for 18 years destroyed his confidence and most importantly told him he’s “a minus singer,” the worst. That strong voice? https://t.co/EwgQIBwsTj

Lee Seung-gi was allegedly not paid by Hook Entertainment for his music-related activities for 18 years

A few days ago, on November 18, it was revealed that a week after Hook, actor Lee Seung-gi had asked for full information about the accounts, sales of his albums and music-related work, and transparent disclosure of all payments related to Entertainment was searched by federal agents from the National Police Agency’s Serious Crime Investigation Division.

Hook Entertainment confirmed that they indeed received a content certification from the Mouse Actors and are currently thoroughly reviewing the conditions and will prepare an appropriate response.

The raid opened a Pandora’s box as more suspicious activities by the agency have come under the spotlight, most recently a lengthy exposé by Korean media outlet Dispatch that the actor-singer has not been paid for his music-related activities, including royalties, and has been benefiting from sales since 2004 of his songs and albums, so for 18 years now.

The shocking exposé claims that aside from calling him a “minus singer,” Hook Entertainment never really recouped the investment they made in his singing career.

That rover The star’s fans are furious with Hook Entertainment for their alleged criminal activities and embezzlement of funds and are demanding justice age of love Singer who has not previously received any profits or royalties from his musical activity.

Dispatch announced this today #LeeSeungGi hasn’t been paid by Hook for his music since debuting 18 YEARS ago. The man deserves everything he has achieved both because of his hard work and talent. 18 years of lies & gaslighting? Unbelievable. Airens are angry! https://t.co/PtYYQF1vzg

The more I see this, the more annoying it is to release about 137 songs with so many HIT songs in 18 years and not get a cent for being a singer who does not make a profit but a minus singer!? Ughh, it’s so fucked up#LeeSeungGi

my husband that he is a minus singer if his songs are always in the top charts. How dare this company. to think that #LeeSeungGi how to get compliments is down to his company’s gaslighting. This is really painful. You abused my husband’s kindness. You don’t deserve it.

Except that we give him the money they owe us @hookent3 to excuse #LeeSeungGi for doubting his music and telling him he’s a minus singer. Imagine the emotional and mental damage they caused him. 💔😡

What #LeeSeungGi going through mentally is really devastating! To gaslight someone as a “minus singer” who has a passion for singing and loves singing is unreal. He must have been very upset about that. And 18 years 0 profit? You must take legal action.

Imagine this CEO monster telling a star how #LeeSeungGi with her whole chest that HE IS A MINUS MONEY LOSSING SINGER. INTRODUCE!!!!! twitter.com/tryp96/status/… https://t.co/TslVaMfAwW

Guitarist Lee Byeong-ho also announced that he was not paid for his work on Lee Seung-gi’s sixth album. And…and has now also spoken out for the actor.

He confessed that he felt hurt because he wasn’t paid for his work at the rover star album, but remained silent out of love and respect for the actor.

Hook Entertainment’s CEO issues official statement regarding alleged non-payment of fees

and here comes @hookent3 Seung gi saying he’s a lousy singer? wtff!!!!???they should be put in jail man.. for gods sake..#LeeSeungGi

In January 2021, a Hook Entertainment employee accidentally texted the actor a record of Lee Seung-gi’s earnings. According to the bank statements, Lee Seung-gi had made a profit of US$25,100 or ₩33.6 million before taxes.

The actor reportedly made about $660,000, or £884 million And…, which was released in 2015 while still under Hook Entertainment.

Dispatch obtained a bank statement and statements responsible for distributing the star’s music, revealing that the To return The singer earned about US$7.16 million or £9.60 billion from his musical activities between 2006 and 2022.

Dispatch also reported that Hook Entertainment’s sales and earnings reports from 2004 to 2009 were lost.

The publication also reported that top Hook Entertainment executives have allegedly disregarded the singer on numerous occasions, claiming that they have no money to promote his music and have avoided giving Lee Seung-gi an appropriate response when he asked about his accounts in November 2022.

On November 21, Kwon Jin-young, CEO of Hook Entertainment, issued an official statement regarding the alleged non-payment of dues to the actor.

He said he was ashamed and apologized for what was being reported in the news, revealing that they were investigating the matter thoroughly and asking for fans and media understanding.

He shared that they will not step down and will take full responsibility for the situation and ensure that such incidents do not happen again in the future.

At the time of writing this article, Lee Seung-gi made no statements on the matter.


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