Low drummer and singer Mimi Parker has died at the age of 55

Mimi Parker, the singer and drummer for popular indie rock band Low, died on Saturday at the age of 55 after a two-year battle with ovarian cancer. Parker’s death was confirmed to Variety by the band’s management.

Low shared the news of Parker’s death on his official Twitter account early Sunday morning, writing: “Friends, it is hard to put the universe into language and into one short message, but she passed away last night surrounded by family and friends love, including yours. Keep her name close and holy. Share this moment with someone who needs you. Love is indeed the most important thing.” https://twitter.com/lowtheband/status/1589279380043608065

According to Variety, Low was founded in 1993 by Parker and her husband, Alan Sparhawk. Although the band switched out new players over the years, the two remained its permanent members. Over his long career, Low has worked with a number of acclaimed producers including Steve Albini, Dave Fridmann and Kramer, who released the band’s cherished first album, 1994’s I Could Live In Hope. The Great Destroyer, Low’s debut album on Sub Pop, which has remained her home label to this day, was released in 2004. Parker and Sparhawk’s debut album as a couple, Hey What, was released in 2021. It was produced by BJ Burton, who had previously worked on 2018’s acclaimed album Double Negative.

Parker was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in December 2020. She began treatment in 2021 and spoke about her health issues in an interview in 2022. Low canceled the remaining 2022 tour dates in early October due to Parker’s ongoing medical issues. According to Variety, Parker was born in 1967 and grew up in a tiny village near Bemidji, Minnesota. At a young age, she began singing along with her sister, who played guitar and performed lead vocals. The two sang gospel and country songs influenced by the music they grew up listening to. She participated as a percussionist in both her high school’s concert and marching bands. Parker first met Sparhawk in elementary school, and the two began dating in high school.

Over the course of its 29-year existence, Low has released 13 full-length studio albums. Despite keeping their religious affiliations a secret in regards to their public personas and sonic identities, the duo later shocked both fans and viewers when they revealed their membership in the Mormon Church. According to Variety, Parker is survived by her husband, Sparhawk, and their two children, Hollis and Cyrus. (ANI)

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