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Lowndes County offices streamline services using modern technology

Published 19:51 Wednesday 16 November 2022

The Lowndes County Commission and Lowndes County Sheriff’s Office have announced the introduction of new and improved advancements designed to help them better serve county residents.

In September, the Commission went live with a new website — Lowndes-al.gov. The new website was designed to work more like other government websites than the previous version.

“The old site didn’t have a lot of information that the community could access, like different departments, phone numbers, and email addresses,” said case officer Kelsie Garrett. “We wanted to create a more modern website where users can access forms like job applications and find phone numbers and email addresses for different departments.”

The new website includes COVID-19 information as well as a commissioners page with contacts and a calendar of upcoming board meetings.

“We have a community tab that contains various information about the churches, schools and post offices in the county,” Garrett said. “We have a Forms tab where employees can see the Lowndes County Commission employment form, which they can print and fill out instead of coming all the way to the office.”

According to Garrett, the new website is user-friendly and designed to provide citizens with the information they need.

“I’ve done my research and some sites are very difficult to use,” Garrett said. “We tried to make this easily accessible and understandable.”

In November, the Sheriff’s Office launched a new customized smartphone application. The app serves as an innovative way for the department to connect with residents and visitors, making information quickly and efficiently available to anyone with a smartphone.

Sheriff Chris West said the app is part of a modernization plan taking Lowndes County into the 21st centurySt Century by providing transparency of government.

“This app is part of our transparency,” West explained. “If a citizen has a negative encounter with an officer, they can send me the information through the app. Then we can sit down together so I can get a full picture of the situation.”

App users can access features such as the office’s staff directory, agency services, a most wanted list, sex offender alerts, inmate and prison information, gun license applications, and other resources.

Developers continue to add features, West noted.

“For example, if your brother is in jail, you can use the app and put money into his commission account,” West said. There are just a few things we are continuing to work on.

The app was developed by TheSheriffApp.com, a division of OCV, LLC. Citizens can download the app for free on the App Store and Google Play by searching or visiting Lowndes County Sheriff AL apps.myocv.com/share/a67136040.


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