MBC Group joins Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment anti-piracy coalition

DUBAI: MBC Group, one of the leading media companies in the Middle East and North Africa, has joined the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment, a global content protection coalition.

“Protecting our content is of critical commercial importance to us and as the leading streamer in the region, this has become an integral part of our success,” said Natasha Hemingway, Chief Commercial and Marketing Officer at Shahid, MBC Group.

Hundreds of websites pirate MBC Group content every day, including Arabic-language and locally-produced films, series and programs, as well as international content, including English-language titles from North America, anime and Korean series, the company said.

Pirates commonly collect content from several pay-TV operators and subscription video-on-demand platforms in the region through so-called “IPTV” plans, which can cost as little as $15 annually.

Furthermore, social media has made piracy even more widespread, with many full-length titles being shared on platforms like Telegram.

“The addition of MBC GROUP to ACE demonstrates the value of continuing to build our membership base and network in key local regions,” said Charles Rivkin, chairman and CEO of the Motion Picture Association and chairman of ACE.

“Together we will strengthen our global network and expand the resources and expertise needed to combat the serious threat of piracy to media and entertainment companies around the world,” he added.

Earlier this year, ACE ended four illegal piracy operations in Egypt in coordination with beIN Sports, which joined the coalition in April.

Last year, the coalition shut down popular illegal streaming services Electro TV Sat in Morocco and 123movies.la in Tunisia.

In 2020, ACE shut down Algeria-based IPTV subscription service Akfasat, which provided access to over 3,500 live channels and over 26,000 movies and TV shows.

ACE is supported by a network of experts working in high-tech investigations and law enforcement. It also works with local governments and law enforcement agencies around the world and international organizations such as Interpol and Europol to take over the entire supply chain of pirated content.

Now in its sixth year, ACE has steadily expanded its global membership base. The coalition now consists of 41 members, including the MBC Group.


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