Metaverse Business Analysis Report 2022: Creating Value in the Alternative Digital World – Finding New Opportunities for Collaboration, Asset Ownership, Entertainment and Social Networking –

DUBLIN–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The report “Metaverse Meets Business – Creating Value in the Alternative Digital World” has been added Offer.

The Metaverse is a virtual or digital space where people can interact with each other. It combines technologies such as virtual reality (VR), mixed reality (MR), augmented reality (AR), and blockchain technology to enable businesses and people to create new ways of collaboration, asset ownership, entertainment, social networking, and more Find.

With Facebook’s recent rebranding as Meta, many companies have started working on various initiatives, but it will take time to fully implement them. The report examines how well-known companies and start-ups are using their technological prowess to develop the building blocks of the metaverse to make this ecosystem a reality.

Innovations: Presents real-world use cases and examples of innovations related to the metaverse of companies and startups from different sectors. It highlights how technology-enabled innovations are transforming every segment of cross-industry use case applications.


  • Innovation Insights: Innovation examples by each industry application segment to showcase key trends.

reasons to buy

  • Unsurprisingly, technology has been a driving force in business transformation for years, but the term ’emerging technologies’ has suddenly become the key catalyst to drive the next wave of innovation across all sectors.

  • The sense of urgency weighs differently in different sectors, with the directly customer-facing sectors at the forefront compared to other capital-intensive sectors. Companies in one industry can orient themselves to successful innovations in other industries, either to draw analogies to existing products, services and processes or to transfer strategic approaches for a revolutionary transformation.

  • With this in mind, companies need to understand which emerging technologies are impacting their sector and how different companies are using them to address different challenges.

  • The publisher’s Metaverse Innovation Landscape report covers some of the key trends, use cases, and real-world examples related to the implementation of emerging technologies across multiple cross-industry applications.

Main topics covered:

1. Introduction to the Metaverse

2. The editor’s thematic metaverse framework

3. Examples of innovation by value chain

3.1. Foundation, endowment

3.2. Tool

3.3. user interface

3.4. experience

4. Implementation challenges

5. Methodology

companies mentioned

  • B2Digital

  • Benetton

  • Boeing

  • Broadcom

  • BUD Technologies

  • CG1

  • Decentralized Games

  • Epic Games


  • gravity

  • H.G.C

  • HTC

  • HTC

  • interior

  • Inworld AI

  • candola

  • country index

  • Liquid Avatar Technologies

  • MeetKai

  • Meta

  • meta AI

  • metaskins

  • Microsoft

  • MSI

  • NEOM T&D

  • Nextech

  • NFT pitches

  • Niftables


  • real

  • peer

  • PetaRay

  • phenomenon

  • polium

  • polygon

  • Sony


  • Vary

  • syntropy

  • Trace Network Labs

  • Versadex


  • XP&D

  • XYZ

  • ZooMedia

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