My Parents Make Me Feel Worthless

My Parents Make Me Feel Worthless. Feelings of unworthiness can be triggered at any time, especially during your development years. Comparing me to my brother, him having a high paid job (im just 15).or just saying stuff like dont take so long to get dressed, nobody will look at you or youre no celebrity, nobody cares 2 answers.

I told my parents that they make me feel worthless and from

I don't want to get help from my parents or a professional because my parents abuse me and the professional makes me uncomfortable. By jr thorpe and jay polish. She told me i was useless that ive been spoon fed since the say i was born, that i have no future ahead of me.

That I Should Go Ahead And Cry, And That No One Cares.

9 signs to identify a controlling, dominating spouse. Growing up in a family like that made me feel worthless, and bad. More than often, spouses try to impose their will over one another by resorting to negative criticism, threats and insults.

These Feelings Faded Away Quickly When You Let Your Ego Get In The Way Of Our Relationship.

It makes me feel like i am never good enough and that i am worthless. My parents make me feel worthless i've never made an account for reddit but after reading many peoples struggles and stories, i can't seem to find an answer to my problem. My ex did it with me, then i realised, he can wallow in his own self pity, i won't.

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Just Now I Have Been Making Something For Over Three Hours From A Video Tutorial, My Brother Wanted His Toys And My Mum Said To Get Them I Said I Was Just Finishing The Part I Was On, My Brother Punched Me And My Mum Said It Was His Fault.

Almost everyday, my parents make me feel like shit and useless in this world. A parent compared me negatively to my siblings or peers. That is why i sometimes wish i could have a boyfriend or more friends that would appreciate me.

I Am A 20 Year Old Guy From Norway.

My parents make me feel worthless. My parents have always been judgemental, and i feel that applies especially to me. Dinner, money, who’s in charge of me all led to arguments.

You Hated Me Within Weeks Of Us Being Together, You Made Me Go Behind My Parents' Backs, Belittled Me, And Abused Me Mentally.

When my parents picked me up from day care after 12 hours of day care and school, they argued. He loved me being a psychotic mess, his family picking on me instead of him. My parents constantly pick on me and punish me.