New, long-term tenants in the Newport Ave shopping center. work together

There has been a changing of the guard at the Newport Avenue mall in Ocean Beach, with mostly newer tenants banding together to advertise and market together.

The popular mall at 4967 Newport Ave. now houses The Philosopher’s Stone, Brew Wave Coffee, Seth’s Chop Shop, OB Mindful Goods, San Diego Holistic Healing/Reiki by Rylee and the Ocean Beach Business Center on the ground floor, along with Anamaya Vintage Store upstairs.

The residents of the mall reflect the community they serve. You are proud, independent, free-thinking, artistic, and altruistic.

OB mindful goods

Jeremy Evans and Diana Dembeck from the OB Mindful Goods art store at the OB Newport Mall.

Diana Dembeck, owner of art haven OB Mindful Goods, said the mall’s tenants “thought of getting together as a group because we think it’s been really helpful.” She noted that finding a new official name for the mall might be necessary, since “we hear all the time from people referring to us as that little alley back there.”

Speaking of her business model, she said: “We have art supplies and we also sell local artist art, make our own handmade soap and have jewelry and fiber art. If you are an artist looking for consumables – this is it. If you’re looking for gifts – that might as well be it.”
Painter Jeremy Evans noted that OB Mindful Goods is a “do-it-yourself place” that “recirculates art supplies. We’re trying to give people a place to buy brushes and other things without having to leave the community.”

While OB is artist-friendly, Dembeck emphasized, “We saw a small gap in the market. So we are here to fill that gap.”

We find out what people want and we stock it,” Evans said, adding, “We’re trying to reduce some of the consumption of the art material.”

Dembeck loves her job and her retail space. “In my small gallery, I’m surrounded by beautiful artworks all day long,” she remarked.

It’s great to be part of a community that’s in an arts district with lots of artists,” agreed Evans.

We have another retail space at the back of the mall where we now do macrame and other classes,” Dembeck added, noting that when you’re creative, “it puts you more in a meditative state where you are don’t think about the problems of the world.”

The healing collective SD

Aly Auffenberg, Abbey Oliveira and Rylee Culverwell in the Healing Collective window display. (Photo courtesy)

That space has already changed a lot and will continue to do so,” said Allison “Aly” Auffenberg of the Unit 6 retail space at the mall that she and Rylee Culverwell have been creating since January. The couple offers numerous forms of holistic healing by appointment including Reiki, Balinese Herbal Massage, Biofield Tuning, Plant Medicine, Moxibustion, Children’s Mindfulness, Cupping, Life Coaching and Private Yoga Sessions.

We came together to start this healing studio where people have access to all sorts of healing methods, things they’ve never tried before,said Culverwell, adding The healing arts she and Auffenberg practice are both “visceral and experiential. It’s really cathartic. This is what people need now post COVID. Everyone just feels so off balance.”

It’s also really based on the person,” Aufenberg noted of her business model, adding, “We cover psychological and emotional stuff. When we see that something is depleted, we help to refill it. We are from the same school as acupuncture and meditation. Only we don’t use needles, just our hands.”

The Healing Collective adds a retail section. “These will all be organic, all-natural products that help people to find themselves more and feel better,” says Auffenberg. “The biggest thing is that people just visit our website and come in and experience our one-to-one sessions or different courses that we offer.”

The Philosopher’s Stone

Wendy Adelstein in Philosopher’s Stone

I’m the anchor store here at the moment, I’ve been at the mall the longest, 16 years,” said Wendy Adelstein of Philsopher’s Stone Crystal Shop in #8.

The Philosopher’s Stone rocks in the truest sense of the word. It is brimming with crystals and stones of every imaginable size and type.

Crystal healing is an ancient practice dating back at least 6,000 years to Mesopotamia. It has been recognized as a form of medicine with philosophies borrowed from Hinduism and Buddhism.

With a homey, boutique look, the crystal shop also offers stone-encrusted jewelry, as well as complementary products like sage.

The owner is not a mineralogist.

I’m more of an energy worker, I can feel the subtle energies of the stones,” says Adelstein, who comes from a social work background. “At first, people came in mostly from the metaphysical community. It’s so mainstream now that I feel like it’s on people’s shopping lists.”

Wendy Adelstein with a valuable heart-shaped crystal in her shop.

Adelstein designed her store so that “people can come in, spend some time and slow down”. She pointed out that the shop started as a hobby that grew into a full blown business. “I love being around stones,” she admitted, adding, “There are people who come here for healing and there are people who come here because they’re like, ‘Oh, it is a pretty bracelet, I just want to wear it.’”

People are more selective about what they buy these days, Adelstein noted, which has made it more difficult for OB truck shop owners in general. “Support your local businesses,” she pleaded.

Ocean Beach Business Center, Suites 10 & 12

The Ocean Beach Business Center, co-owned by Chris and Jo Peregoy, moved from Santa Monica Avenue to the mall in September. The couple really like the new space in her new location.

Chris Peregoy of Ocean Beach Business Center, which just moved from Santa Monica Avenue to Newport Mall.

We have our own two, actually three units here,” Chris said. “We were able to create the spaces we wanted. We even have our own little personalized mailbox for clients we never had before. The mall is open seven days a week, so customers have their own code to enter the post office via the keypad from 7am to 8pm.”

Chris said they’re also now able to do something else they’ve always wanted to do in their new space, which is to separate the shipping aspect of the business from his pressure side. “Now we’re able to have a dedicated shipping location with a self-service packing desk that people can use, which is especially helpful during the busy holiday season,” he said. “We are still here and can help. But if it’s simple stuff, they can just do it on their own. It just makes it easier for everyone.”

It also helps that when you first enter the mall your eye is drawn to the OBBC suites at the back of the alley.

It was really good timing,” said Chris Peregoy of how the mall and all of its new tenants are coming together. “Anamaya (vintage shop upstairs) came in about a month before us. Brew Wave Coffee changed hands a few months ago. It’s like all new tenants, new energy. There’s just a newer vibe to this place. It really helped.”

Left to right: Brew Wave Coffee employees Josie Borden and Julie Schneider on the ground floor of the mall at 4967 Newport Ave.

Also in the mall are Brew Wave coffee with coffee and tea as well as juice and smoothies on the lower level, along with Seth’s Chop Shopa full-service hair salon; and a tattoo parlor. The café opened on July 1st this year and is looking forward to its new home.

We’re excited to follow in the footsteps of Your Mama’s Mug, a pillar in the OB community for over 27 years. We pride ourselves on being a coffee shop serving a great locally sourced cup of coffee, hand rolled tea, latte, mocha and pastries. You always get a warm welcome, genuine smiles and relaxed conversations,” said Robert Brandy, owner of Brew Wave Coffee. “The OB community is amazing and we are happy to say that we are now Obecans.”

The Anamaya Vintage Store on the top floor of the Newport Avenue Shopping Center has many clothing items for customers to peruse.

above is Anamaya Vintage Store, offer vVintage clothing, collectibles, antiques and designer branded clothing.

“The Anamaya Vintage Store is tucked away at the back of the CBD, up a flight of stairs. It’s the perfect place to find a richly curated selection of quality men’s and women’s clothing and antiques. Come explore and bring home something stylish and unique!” said Sales Associate Maya Fohrman.


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