Nicola Peltz Beckham on Dorothy Stratten, Chippendales

Nicola Peltz as Dorothy Stratten in Welcome to Chippendales.

When Nicola Peltz Beckham auditioned for a chance to play Dorothy Stratten in Welcome to Chippendales, she wanted the part very, very badly. Peltz Beckham tells POPSUGAR that for the audition she wanted to sound like her, look like her and move like her. “I really researched everything I could find, be it physically or just the way she spoke, how she sounded, how she looked, everything,” she explains of her performance.

But Peltz Beckham’s connection to the Playboy bunny and actor goes back much further. “I knew about Dorothy’s story years ago,” she explains. “I saw the movie ‘Star 80’ and it stuck in my mind and it’s just one of those movies and stories that have always just lived in my head.” The 1983 film “Star 80” told the story of Stratten’s life and death; The title comes from Stratten’s vanity mark.

Before reading the script for Welcome to Chippendales, Peltz Beckham had “no idea” that the model’s life intersected with the history of the legendary male stripper empire. As depicted in the first episode of the true crime series Hulu, which aired November 22, Stratten dated and later married club promoter Paul Snider (Dan Stevens). Snider teamed up with Steve Banerjee (Kumail Nanjiani) to open the first Chippendales club. In 1980, Snider killed Stratten and himself. “Their story is so shocking and wild and then when you look at this other part of it…the fact that they’re intertwined was shocking that so much could happen in the lives of all these people.” , says Peltz Beckham.

Similar to the show, the real Stratten came up with the idea that the male strippers should wear the now-iconic cuffs and collars, which were modeled after the Playboy Bunnies’ costumes. “I love the scene where she comes in with the cuffs and collar on and how excited she is,” notes Peltz Beckham. “I just think it’s a testament to her relationship with Paul that even though it went wrong, her personal relationship, she kept trying to lift him up. She is such a kind and sincere person that she always wants to make those around her feel good. “

Peltz Beckham also loved finding Stratten’s personal style with costume designer Peggy A. Schnitzer. “Dorothy dressed really sexy but stylish. It felt timeless,” she says. “I feel like I’d like to wear these clothes now. Everything I wore on the show made me think, ‘I’d love to wear that.’ I think her style was really beautiful.” There’s a moment on the show where Peltz Beckham as Dorothy wears a flower in her hair, based on an actual photo of her. “I have a picture in my living room of my parents, when they got married and my mother had this flower in her hair,” she says.

Peltz Beckham also feels he has something in common with the character. “I think maybe people looked at Dorothy a certain way because of how she spoke or how she looked or what she was wearing and maybe didn’t take her seriously, so I can understand that,” she says. And although Stratten’s life ended in tragedy, Peltz Beckham appreciated the joy she was able to bring to many scenes. She loved the scene at the club when they go dancing and loved montages of other gimmicks the club tried out like oyster eating contests and mud wrestling. But most of all she loved the chance to play with Stevens and Nanjiani. “They’re obviously so talented, but they’re such amazing people and they’re so kind,” she says.

“I’m so honored to have the chance to play Dorothy and I really hope people like my performance because I love her so much,” she says. “I hope I did her justice … There are only certain people who walk into a room and bring light, they have an inner light, and I really hope I brought that across because I just want people to know.” how beautiful she was.

New episodes of “Welcome to Chippendales” drop Tuesdays on Hulu.


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