Nintendo Switch Sports could add golf this November

According to a new ad, Nintendo Switch Sports could add the anticipated golf mode in a free update this November.

Nintendo previously revealed Nintendo Switch Sports is adding golf to its sports offering this holiday season, and a Japanese ad for the game implies golf will be added later this month. If Nintendo’s latest ad is true, Japanese gamers could be the first to try golf Nintendo Switch Sports through an upcoming update.

Since the start of Nintendo Switch Sports Last April, Nintendo released various updates to improve the game and add new features. The Summer 2022 update was the biggest update yet, with features like leg strap accessory support, new volleyball moves, and the ability to reach Infinity Rank in the Pro League. Golf should move in Nintendo Switch Sports Earlier this fall, but a delay pushed the update back to late 2022. Shortly after the delay, Nintendo would fix issues triggered by Nintendo Switch Sports Update 1.2.1 last October which caused severe crashes during online and offline play. Thankfully, Nintendo fixed the groundbreaking bugs Nintendo Switch Sports Update 1.2.3, and Golf appears to be on track for the projected release date in the remainder of 2022.


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A new ad for Nintendo Switch Sports recently aired in Japan, revealing more golf gameplay with a single Joy-Con controller. The description of the Japanese ad explains that a free Nintendo Switch Sports Update would add golf in late November. Japanese fans won’t have to wait long for the returning golf mode Wii sportsand Nintendo should release the new one Nintendo Switch Sports update at the same time or shortly thereafter.

Next to the new Nintendo Switch Sports Nintendo has updated its official website for the game in Japan. Those visiting the Japanese site may see a newly launched page for Nintendo Switch Sports Golf introducing the mode and explaining how to play with the Joy-Con controllers. In addition, the website again confirms online play with up to eight other players in “Survival Golf”.

Nintendo seems to be preparing for the launch of the new one Nintendo Switch Sports Update ahead of Christmas time in December. Golf is a popular sport among fans Wii sports players, so the update is likely to attract old and new players alike Nintendo Switch Sports. Fans can expect more details about the new update as Nintendo ramps up its marketing efforts Nintendo Switch Sports.

Before the Nintendo Switch Sports Update arrives, Nintendo Switch players can look forward to the release Pokemon Scarlet and Violet on November 18th. The start of turn 3 Chill Season follows this December as Nintendo wraps up the year with big updates to its flagship Switch games.

Nintendo Switch Sports is available now for Nintendo Switch.

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Source: Nintendo Life


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