Palace In A Pool Genshin

Palace In A Pool Genshin. Palace in a pool unlock walkthrough chart. Drop down into the water and swim through the hallway.

How to unlock seal at Luhua Pool Hidden Palace of from

The introduction of two new islands with the genshin impact 2.1 update means that travellers have lots of new areas to explore. Use an electro character to activate all four electro pillars. From the domain entrance, players.

With The Release Of Version 2.1, Players Have The Opportunity To Visit Two New Islands, Watatsumi And Seirai.the Palace In The Pool Is A New Domain Located On Watatsumi That Can Be Easily Missed If Players Aren't Looking For It, And.

The one where you have to connect 3 different relay lines? In this guide we will show you how to finish the palace in a pool doman that can be found on watatsumi island in to unlock the domain: Is anybody else having trouble finishing the relay puzzle near the palace in a pool on watatsumi island?

This Is The Case For The Palace In A Pool Domain.

Light up all of the electro pillars. The palace in a pool is a domain in genshin impact that you can unlock after completing a series of puzzles. Genshin impact update 2.1 adds plenty of new content including characters, materials, resources, and puzzles.

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Заполярный Дворец Zapolyarnyy Dvorets, Outpolar Palace) Is A Palace In Snezhnaya From Which The Tsaritsa, Who Is The Cryo Archon And Ruler Of Snezhnaya, Reigns.

You can unlock palace in a pool genshi. Our guide explains how to solve all these puzzles. One to drain the pool around the domain, one with relay stones, and a hidden electroculus.

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After collecting all three amulets, head back to the locked gate and unlock it. Have the arrow puzzle facing the right side. Head to the marked area, you will find a gate that requires two amulets to unlock it.

Here’s How You Can Lower The Water Level And Unlock The Palace In A Pool Domain In Genshin Impact.

Palace in a pool is a new inazuma domain added along with watatsumi island in the genshin impact 2.1 update. The domain is underwater, so in order to clear. How to open palace in a pool watatsumi domain in genshin impact.