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Progressive TV Commercial, 'Dr. Rick Pillows' from

Progressive brings back its painfully relatable campaign about becoming your parents put down the speakerphone, submarine book and pillows When you turn into your parents, you go to dr. # wow # omg # whoa # woah # mind blown.

So I Chuckled At This New Progressive Commercial, Set At A “Dad Support Group.” We Hear Men And Women Tell Honest Confessions, Like That They Refer To Every Child As “Chief.” Because Progressive Can’t Save You From Becoming Your Parents, But They Can Save You When You Bundle On Home And Auto.

We buy a new home and we turn into our parents. They do that by making their commercial characters flawed, bumbling, average looking and unorganized. The amusing figure has appeared in many insurance company ads.

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Fire flo, jamie, the others.keep using this guy. Rick, to the people becoming their parents, to even the other characters. # frustration # breathing # progressive # deep breath # seminar.

The Guy Playing The Instructor Is Obviously Wearing The Clothes His Dad Wore.

An actual comical insurance ad?? Rick takes one of his clients on an exposure therapy mission to the grocery store to shop for the big game, an activity that he says can be a minefield for young homeowners who are. Sean mcbride, the chief creative office at arnold worldwide, joins john williams to discuss the ads.

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While Progressive Can't Protect You From Becoming Your Parents, It Can Protect Your Home And Auto With Its Insurance Bundles.

Rick commercial is the one my wife told me about. Thanks to his humorous personality, he is one of the most recurrent actors on the progressive commercial cast. It's everyone's nightmare to turn into their parents, though i'm not sure why as most of our patriarchs are pretty good folks, and nothing does a better job of articulating that than these commercials.

“Progressive Can’t Protect You From Becoming Your Parents, But We Can Protect Your Home And Auto When You Bundle With Us.”.

Besides commercials, the american actor has acted in tens of. Tony wade, back in the day. # wow # omg # whoa # woah # mind blown.